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One of the major services that you can provide on freelancing sites like Fiverr and Freelancer are jobs that require you to transcribe text from a video. That video could be sourced from anywhere; from any one of the million platforms that populate the internet. So, which are the best YouTube videos for text converter services and what does transcribing do? This, and more in the following paragraphs.

Transcribing services, like the majority of YouTube video to text converter services, are used by different individuals and parties; schools, online course tutors and a myriad of other institutions that require text from a video. While this may seem a bit redundant (who wants to swap out engaging videos for a boring text-set), it is actually pretty useful for business and academic applications. Furthermore, transcribing services go beyond YouTube videos; text-heavy videos like academic lectures or philosophical discussions (even podcasts) are the major recipients of the transcribe-treatment.

There are many services on the internet that will transcribe any video for free. These are usually AI-powered (artificial intelligence and text-to-speech recognition) and offer less precision than the transcribing services provided by a human. But the overall package is pretty useful and intuitive. However, it is imperative to note here that the online services that claim to transcribe your video-to-text for free are usually infected sites and will do the work required, but could potentially harm your computer in the process. Free transcribing services, therefore, are to be avoided.

What are the Best YouTube Video to Text Converter Services?

To get an idea of the extent to which these free services are prevalent on the internet, just do a Google search. There are millions of search results, with each website promising the best results with the most intelligent speech-to-text transcribing services. To get a better understanding of which service to opt for, head on to As for the best YouTube video to text converter services, here are a few,

Otter is the premium transcribing service, and includes video sources from YouTube and hundreds of other major video-sharing platforms. It is also ‘legit’; as in, the site isn’t infected with malware and accessing it will not allow a dozen ads to pop-up. As for the actual transcribing service, Otter offers the most advanced and updated AI and speech-to-text package than other competitors. What’s more, it also offers a whole range of other features and add-ons that can make the whole transcribing process easier. Like many other software of its class, Otter provides these services for free, but you can upgrade to the paid version which has even more features and benefits from the regular, unpaid version.

Much like, Sonix is the best transcribing service to convert a YouTube video to text. It is also done by advanced artificial intelligence and speech-to-text recognition software. The reason it is ranked lower than Otter is because of its pricing and its restrictions on the free version. It also has many adverts lurking on its webpage, which is not only annoying but is also considered very invasive. Sonix free service will transfer all your video content into a Microsoft Word format using the latest video-to-text converting software and has an error-free application. You can use should your educational or business venture need it.

Vocalmatic is also a free transcribing service that can be upgraded to the paid version which then provides a host of improvements and features to convert a YouTube video into text. Similar to other entries on this list, Vocalmatic uses text-recognition software and speech-to-text AI systems to transcribe an entire YouTube video into text format, which can then be easily copied and pasted onto a Word file. Vocalmatic also provides on-the-go editing services, which include word replacing or syncing the video and text live to make sure what is said in the video gets transcribed exactly into text format. 

How to use YouTube video to text converter service?

Most websites are very intuitive and require very less searching and squinting. The websites mentioned above are optimised for both computers and smartphones, so the device you’re using will not be an issue (screen size, processing power). The websites, regardless of which platform you access them on, are intuitive and easy to navigate around. All they require is either a link of the YouTube video that is to be converted to text or the video itself, uploaded on the attachment section. Simply press the convert button and the whole process will take about 3 to 5 minutes, where the AI text recognition software will transcribe the whole video and its attached subtitles (if any) to create the whole transcript of the entire text said or attached with the video. After the time has elapsed, you can copy the text off the website, or convert it directly into a .docx file, which is the format most word processing software use.

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