Why Google AdSense Rejects applications


Google AdSense Rejects Accounts

Google AdSense is a program run by Google LLC on June 18,2003. AdSense is wholly owned by Google and reports claim that 15% of Google revenues come from Google AdSense. Google AdSense pays 68% to their publishers from single click that 38% goes to Google. the advertiser set their bid and then you will receive 68% from single click (CPC) Cost Per Click plays vital role in AdSense.

Now almost 90% people rejected everytime from Google AdSense, but they don’t know why we rejected because AdSense not share details of rejection in email they just sent you an automated email reply that why your website is disapproved, even they are not going to share details with you that what violations your site has created and which content.

Which content is copyright and which is not but you may better know about content that is copyright on your website, also some people try to approve multiplele accounts with same details they just change their email and submit to AdSense.

please remember that AdSense only allows one acocunt per person if u are trying to create account if u were approved luckily Google will disable your account after sometime. So do fair work, also don’t use any third party advertisement network once you will be approved from AdSense then apply for any other network

Here are some main reasons why Google AdSense reject applications


1) The site doesn’t comply with Google Policies 

When you receive that type of email that your site doesn’t comply with AdSense policies it means no your website is not ready for displaying AdSense ads, If we look at details  this means that our website contains some materials that is not suitable for AdSense, for example hacking content, Drugs or illegal sales, Fake content and please always remember to add About Us, Contact Us, Privacy policy pages to your website because this pages will ensure Google that site is not illegal and site is running by certified person. 

2) Copyright Material or Content

AdSense already mention in their policies that websites that contain copyright materials will not be accepted by AdSense Now what is meant by copyright, copyright content mean that have stolen the article from other websites, which is prohibited by AdSense and it is an illlegal work and also included in crime, some people use article spinner to change some words.

So AdSense will not detect it as copyright but remember that AdSense will detect it and also if AdSense will not detect it, Article spinners will make the article a very rought mean that content doesn’t have any value or either no one will read it, so I suggest you to write article of minimum of 400 to 500 words and make sure you don’t copy it, if you want help in writing article or you want to check some information for reasearch then you can do it but don’t copy it. Write unique article it doesn’t matter if your article will be ending in 400 words it would not make any impact on your application.

3) Account matches currently approved account

Some people try to make multiple accounts with same details but remember that AdSense allows only one account per person so if your previous account is approved and you want to create new one then its against AdSense policies, it will also make impact on your previous account so don’t try to make multiple accounts if you want to create new one because you lost your previous account or you forget details then sign up with different email with different payee name, address, and phone number.

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4) Difficult Site navigation

Google promotes advertisers brands via AdSense publishers and it is necessary for AdSense publishers to provide smooth fast User-friendly and mobile friendly website you the viewer has the reason to visit your site. almost 90% loses its traffic due to non-mobile friendly templates. If you are on blogger then you can search for user-friendly templates on Google, You will find it for free or maybe you need to pay for it. Make a website which is fast and easy to use.

5) AdSense policies for Asian People

Google AdSense made some strict policies for Asian people to approve for account, in its policies Google said that your site must be 6months old. Well, I don’t think so even I got approval from AdSense within 10days. I already mention that Google major focus is on your content that gives an experience to viewers for visiting website. Well, also yes because people from Asian countries submit from UK and they got approval but within same website, people submit their URL from Asian AdSense accounts they even sometimes rejected by AdSense and I just know that some policies are strict for Asian people.

If you follow these all rules and regulations of AdSense I am 100% sure you will be approved by AdSense from any country.


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