Wholesale Eyelash in Vintage Packaging – Unpacking Nostalgia


“Vintage packaging is becoming one of the hottest trends in the realm of packaging”, says the Sales Director of The Legacy Printing. Hearkening back to the ancient days of vintage packaging pulls the heartstrings of many admirers. There are so many reasons and factors that are driving this trend. Vintage packaging is creating a stir in the packaging industry. In this article, we will delve right into the curious rise of vintage style.

Why go for Vintage Packaging?

According to some marketing trends, it has appeared that the vintage style will be the top preference of the buyers. Because how significantly technology has invaded everything, it is likely to get confused about why buyers’ preference is shifting towards vintage. There are some excellent reasons for the increasing popularity of vintage design in modern packaging. It is impossible to deny the allure of the vintage aesthetic. From nostalgic color tones to the stunning luxury and quality design, evoke a sense of elegance in the packaging.

Three factors are driving interest in vintage packaging. The three elements are quality, disengagement from the quality, and simplicity. These are the factors that are making the 1920’s style so prevalent in the 2020s.

Quality of Vintage Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo

Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo
Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo

The “old school” visual dynamics of vintage custom eyelash boxes with logo have proven to express a significantly high-quality level to the consumers. Be it cosmetics or confectionaries, and vintage imagery takes hold of countless items and products like including wholesale eyelash. Stated, vintage designs communicate and bring out a sense of high quality and elegance in the packaging. The axiom of “What is old is new again” is turning out to be true for many consumers.

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Use Visual Design for the Boxes

Images can have an instant and long-term impact on the spectators. When choosing the artwork for box, tell the graphics team to use extra pictorial facts and less text. The pictures should be lively and related to the kind of eyelashes you are retailing. Choice a color structure that sorts the graphics projecting. Your brand’s logo and tagline should gel well within the creation.

Discuss Die-Cut Selections with Eyelash Box Manufacturer in USA

Ask your printer to share certain die-cut decisions with you for the boxes. Evaluate the pros and cons of the box designs you like and prefer one that is attractive and user friendly at the same time. There are a number of final options available for wholesale packaging like embossing, raised ink, UV coating, glossy/matte lamination and foil printing. If you don’t know much about them, seek support from the printing provider.

Confirm the Content Copy in a Timely Style

Frequently companies rush and decrease into the trap of progressing out their final design before the custom eyelash boxes copy is confirmed. Sure, it’s attractive to force place container text instead of the final copy during the designing stage. But, it always delays down the work to increases the cost due to late rounds of changes.

The best way to avoid the delays is to confirm your eyelash boxes copy when your boxes partner is working on the packaging design. Gather all the related packaging copy such as top product features, storage instructions, recycling information, and other info relating to the product and get it signed off by all the investors before rolling out.

Disengagement from the Technology

According to the recent 2020’s packaging trends, many technology companies offer their gadgets and products in vintage packaging. The reason behind doing it is to disengage consumers from the overly digitized world. With the frequent advent of newer technologies, people’s lives are becoming oversaturated with technology. The vintage aesthetics temporarily disconnect us from the modern dynamics of lives.

The Simplicity of Vintage Packaging

Vintage custom eyelash boxes with logo are also winning the hearts of many by offering simplicity o the consumers. Latest studies have shown that the younger generations avoid buying products I overly complicated packaging. The studies further revealed that consumers drop the products at once and buy some other products to have more straightforward packaging. Since my vintage designs rely on simplicity, vintage packaging has capitalized on this. It invokes a sense of quality and dedication to excellence.

These facts show that the vintage will only continue to gain more consumers’ attention.

The Drawbacks

There is a lot to laud upon the resurgence of the classic styling of vintage packaging. However, with these great designs comes the complexity of difficulty in recycling. The vintage packaging designs are classy, elegant, and eye-catching; the vintage packaging is also environmentally unfriendly. The vintage packaging market will need to walk the tightrope between the expected qualities of the wholesale eyelash while also being aware of the materials’ environmental impact.

 For companies that are looking to connect with consumers through this old-fashioned approach to packaging can count on store shelves glistening with classic color tones, telling typography, and simplistic descriptions. It is fair to say that for the foreseeable future, vintage packaging will stay for long.

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