What to know before sending a parcel abroad?

It is not surprising that relatives or friends living abroad communicate more often than those who live in your country. This is due to the wide range of options we have today: cheap phone calls, almighty internet, Skype, simple and inexpensive parcel delivery. 

It seems that you miss and call, want to surprise you loved one in Germany – send a gift. Everything is simple, but there are some aspects you need to know when sending shipments abroad – they will help you avoid problems.

What is the difference between sending a parcel within one country or across multiple?

A parcel trip within one country and across multiple countries is different. This is primarily due to the fact that it is often necessary to combine several modes of transport, such as combining land and water transport. 

So it is important to make sure that the parcel is packed in accordance with all the recommendations, because the journey is long, the package will be loaded, unloaded and maybe not even once, shaken, inverted, and so on. 

Moreover, the consignments are stacked on top of each other, so there is a risk of crushing and damage to the packaging if it is thin and weak. So strong packaging and proper packaging have a big impact on a successful parcel journey.

Check if your items are not Prohibited and Restricted 

A trip of a consignment to other countries presupposes the need to delve into the rules and laws in force in those countries. More specifically, for items that are not allowed to enter the country. It is necessary to check that all items you plan to send are allowed to enter the country of destination or transit countries through which you will travel.

Choose shipping company that provides parcel tracking feature

Parcel tracking is a great feature that provides security and awareness. Imagine that you want to surprise your loved one and send parcel to Germany. It is nice to see then it will arrive at its destination, if they got it. 

So when choosing a carrier, give priority to transporting your shipment to those who provide the ability to track the shipment’s journey. For example, you can send international shipments easily and inexpensively using the Ecoparcel platform. 

It also provides an opportunity here to watch the consignment travel. All you have to do is enter a unique parcel registration code in the field and you will see the status of the parcel in real time and the preliminary delivery time.

When sending a parcel abroad, provide the detailed address. When sending abroad, it is very important to provide the most accurate address of the consignee and other data. More detailed information is very useful for the courier. Don’t forget to save your data in case the recipient is not found and the parcel should return to the sender.

Consider final shipping cost

When planning to send a shipment abroad, consider the final shipping cost of the shipment if it will be taken care of by more than one carrier. For example, you have two choices: shipment by air and shipment by combining land and water. 

At first glance, transportation by air may prove more expensive. But don’t be in a hurry to underestimate this choice. Appreciate the fact that you can find a very attractive option for land transportation, but transportation by water as needed will drain your bill. You say it’s hard to predict everything? 

In this case, it is worth using the EcoParcel system, which unites many carriers, where the most work will be done by the system itself, according to the data of your parcel, which you will enter in a special form. The system will instantly find available seats in the carrier’s transport, smooth the parcel trip, and give you a choice of several alternatives. 

You will save a lot of time and have a pleasant experience of sending an international parcel.

Learn more about shipping postage at Ecoparcel.eu 

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