What 5 things you can do in Jaisalmer?


This place was very remote until 2017, until when the airport with commercial flights was finally opened. before you could get here by using a combination of wide number of buses and trains which takes time.

Get lost in between narrow streets to discover the charm of this place a castle, mansions, narrow streets bazaars and temples. You fall in love with this place. promise!

Kothari’s Patwaon-Ki-Haveli

There was a lot of rich families over here so you can visit a lot of beautiful buildings, beautiful architecture masterpiece of art. A lot of details curved in the limestone I will not show you everything just a little bit like a teaser because it’s a very touristic place and you can do it a lot yourself once you are here.

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer bazaar inside the fort, the Jaisalmer fort consists of very narrow streets and in front of Jain temple and don’t forget to find the cute restaurant on the top to admire the sunset.

Cafe The Kaku In Jaisalmer Fort

In Bada Bagh is memorial for kings. It is called cenotaphs. Cenotaphs is a memorial of a person whose remains cannot be recovered or the memorial suppose to be built in a different place.

Boat Ride on Lake

Gadisar lake Very beautiful architecture and interesting story behind it This is a gateway to water supply, it was built by a courtesan. She builds it against the king, Maharajah who was feeling that it will be a shame if she will sponsor these beautiful buildings over here but when he was not in the city, she build it anyway. The courtesan was super smart because she builds on the top of the gateway a temple of Lord Shiva. That is why the Maharaja couldn’t tear it down and it exists till today.

Experience the Desert

Camel safari, jeep ride on the dunes, luxury camp experience or bonfire and sleeping under the stars Everyone finds here own heaven.

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