Vitamin C Serum: Get Rid Of Uneven Skin Tone And Pigmentation

Vitamin C Serum

Are you tired of using all the beauty products and still failing to achieve your desired skin type? There are a lot of reasons behind it. Like your body, your skin also needs a proper routine.

There are many routines that you can follow one such routine is the CTM routine or the Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing routine. This regime with the help of a vitamin c serum will restore the glow and shine of your skin

What is a CTM routine?

  • Cleansing – The first part of the routine is cleaning your face. Like different body types the skin is also different some have dry skin some have oily skin some have a combination skin while some have normal skin.

You should cleanse your face with a face wash that suits your skin dry skin people should go for a mild facewash, oily skin people should go for a foaming facewash while normal and combination skin people should choose a face wash according to the season. Oily skin people are more prone to skin breakout so they should mostly go for herbal products,

  • Toning – If you have uneven skin tone and if your face doesn’t feel fresh even after a proper facewash using a toner can help you get rid of all the dirt and dust present in your skin even after facewash.

Toning helps a lot with rigid pores. Pores are what make the skin breathable but sometimes these pores become enlarged causing blackheads and whites which are more stubborn than any acne that you might have faced in life. These blackheads or whites need constant treatment.

Toners tighten these pores. You should choose toners according to your skin. Dry skin people can go for mild toners like papaya serum, oily skin people should go for lemon toners combination skin and normal skin people can choose from any of the available options.

One problem with toners is that they tend to itch and burn the skin sometimes, although this is very rare. If you have sensitive skin or want to go for a mild toner TNW Natural Rose Water is  the best option. It is very gentle on the skin and has additional beauty properties along with toning.

  • Moisturizing – The last part of the routine is moisturizing the skin or face. There are many moisturizers available in the market which can confuse the customers. Oily skin people can go for light moisturizers while dry skin people should choose a more hydrating moisturizer.

Combination and normal skin people can go according to the season. The Natural Wash vitamin c serum provides enough moisturization and penetrates deep into the skin. It heals the skin from beneath.

You could apply another cream after using a serum for the upper skin protection. One misconception about moisturizers is that they are only for the winters, this is wrong. If you want to have supple, soft wrinkle-free skin you should apply moisturizers daily.

This easy skincare daily routine will help you deal with almost all the skin issues like dullness, flaky skin, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, etc.

What are the benefits of CTM?

Throughout the day, ladies face a lot of dirt, which makes the people’s skin dull and it leads to having more pimples on their faces. To avoid this sort of difficulties in daily life, should follow some essential steps, which are given in the below

  • Before going outside, people should need to apply moisture, it helps them to prevent the people’s skin from dryness and the skintight.
  • You use the natural aloe vera as a moisturizer, it helps to wake up the dead cells on your face. 
  • The next process you have to do at the end of the day is cleansing. Cleansing will helps both the men and women to clean and remove the impurities on their surface.
  • When you want to get a perfect and even toning on your face you should need to do these cleansing and moisturizing continuously.

When you don’t do it regularly your face will not get an even skin tone. These three processes will make your surface glow and make your surface smoother. You don’t need to face any wrinkles and other scars on your surface.

How does it help to tighten your pores and in the aging process?

Apart from cleansing, the CTM plays a vital role in the tightening of skin tone. While during the daily routine cleansing and moisturizing, the open pores will get reduce, these processes will tighten the left open pores dirt and removes the dead cells on your skin.

While get doing this routine of work, people can’t able to find your age correctly. This process will decrease the aging functionality. It delays the signature of the wrinkles, spots, over the eyes and cheek, etc.

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