UK Visa Options: Want to live and work in the UK

UK Visa Available Options

A visa is permission for individuals from any foreign nation to enter another foreign nation. The UK for years now has been on top of the lists of places where people should go and work. Everyone has this dream of going and working in a new country, not everyone maybe but many people do. As humans, we have a tendency to not be happy with what we have. You know it’s like the grass is always greener on the other side.

However, we are not here to discuss the pros and cons of working outside or honestly, anything else but to discuss the various visa options available for anyone who wants to work in the United Kingdom. Have you ever been to Uk? You know maybe as a tourist or have you seen shows on the same? The crown, the Netflix series that covers the life of the Royal family and Queen Elizabeth the second is quite famous and was one of the ways many people started to think about visiting the United Kingdom.

Many people want to see Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, the London eye, the Stonehenge, etc. The UK is rich in history and culture. People want to visit it for many purposes and working is one of them. Let’s now talk about the various visa’s available for you to choose from.

UK Visa Available Options
UK Visa Available Options
  1. Skilled Worker visa route: Tier 2 General Visa which is now known as the skilled worker route is one of the most used visa categories in the UK. It allows you to move to the United Kingdom permanently based on your skills and your acquired job through the same. Under this, your applications are approved on the points-based system designed by the Home office.

You can also switch to a global talent visa once you feel confident enough in your skills. We will discuss Global talent visas below. You for any visa category consult an immigration solicitor in the UK.

  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa route: You can also apply for a tier 1 entrepreneur visa route if you are someone who is confident in their investing and business skills. This visa allows you to buy an existing business in the UK or invest in one. This visa category is further divided into an innovator and start-up visa.

You cannot be a citizen of the UK for this visa application. You can start something of your own if you switch to a global talent visa. Consulting an immigration solicitor in the UK before making this application is advisable.

  • Global Talent Visa: A Global talent visa is like a prestigious award category for people. Under this visa, you can work and live in the UK if you are exceptionally talented in your field. There are multiple organisations for different fields that can approve your application if you can prove that you are an asset. You need to have proven accolades for the same.
  • Tier 4 visa route: This route is for students who want to study in the UK. However, once you complete your studies you apply for ILR and then maybe switch to Global talent visa or any other above mentioned category. Many students who study in the UK prefer to stay and work in the UK only. They find it easier to find jobs there especially if their universities provide campus placements.

There are many other visa categories like tier 5, but that is for temporary workers.

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