Technology transforming the production of bobblehead ninjas


How changes in technology are transforming the production of bobblehead ninjas

There have been lots of changes in technology, and the world is advancing at a fast pace. This phenomenon is happening everywhere and in all industries. Undoubtedly, the best is yet to come. From our homes to the offices and places of leisure, technological advancements are the in thing. The production of the bobblehead is also feeling the effects of these rapid changes. Gone are the days when bobbleheads were handmade and their heads attached to the bodies by the use of springs. It was almost comical since the heads would pop out at any time. A bobblehead gift would reach the destination, probably with pieces apart. Here, we’ll look at how changes in technology are transforming the production of bobblehead ninjas. Let’s get started.

The history of bobbleheads

bobblehead ninjas

Bobbleheads have been around for several years now. These figuring with a small body and big head have roots in Japan, Germany, and Russia from close to two centuries now. They are made from different materials such as plastic and ceramics. The most popular is the ceramic types, although they are a bit fragile and can easily break. The plastic options have some specific design and are lightweight.

Bobblehead ninjas are popular in the sports industry, where teams appreciate fans by giving them a gift. This craze encourages more fans to cheer their favorite teams.

bobblehead ninja

Most people who love bobbleheads are so addicted that they’d spend anything to order for their favorite option. Some will buy as gifts for their loved ones while parents buy bobbleheads for their children as toys. In particular, some fans have an emotional attachment to a bobblehead when they want to remember someone who fascinates them. It could be a loved one or a celebrity figure.

To most people, bobbleheads are not just dolls but hold a special place in their hearts. A high-quality doll will last for many days and inspire generations.

The future of bobbleheads will be influenced by technology

As seen earlier, the future of bobblehead looks optimistic. Mainly because technology has taken over, and companies are using technology to product bobbleheads similarly, customers are aware of these changes and are making their custom orders over the internet.

In light of this, companies are using bobbleheads to promote their products and services. The demand for customized options is increasing every day. You can order for a fully customized bobblehead ninja from let’s say bobblehead ninja website. Bobblehead ninjas inspire many people since they are an expression of ideas and thoughts.

How 3-D technology is influencing the development of bobbleheads

One can easily order for a bobblehead ninja through the use of 3-D printing. It doesn’t cost much, and the idea is to produce a doll with real features. For example, if you’d like a bobblehead of the pope, you only need to send a picture over, and through 3 D printing, you’ll get the exact picture.

Some people may consider the use of apps with advanced features. Such kind of an app works seamlessly with a 3-D printer. A bobblehead company will have professionals who use 3-D printers to help in the production of bobbleheads.

Technology influences many industries

3-D technology has an impact on several industries where they’re useful. For example in weddings, couples are using bobbleheads as wedding cakes toppings. With 3D, a groom can surprise the bride by having a bobblehead resembling the couple’s engagement or first date. Likewise, they can have a topping of a popular figure in the family as part of the traditions.

In offices and organizations, 3-D continues to influence the type of bobblehead for several promotions. The bobbleheads are so real such that it leads to brand visibility and awareness. Some organizations may have a bobblehead figure such as Spiderman to influence teams and encourage owners to projects and tasks,

In the sports industry, the use of 3-D technology is quite evident in popular games such as baseball, hockey, and basketball. You may have real bobbleheads of popular players and reward to teams or players. Since the bobblehead looks like the legendary player, it really encourages the players to work hard and focus on winning.

In the health industry, a clinic or a hospital can order a fully customized bobblehead ninja who will represent its brand. The use of 3-D technology will influence the production of a bobblehead doll that resembles a real doctor. This doll can be used on various promotional materials, including social media platforms and general websites.

Bobblehead and social media

Let’s face it; social media has brought incredible changes in the world today. It is influencing how companies are marketing their products and buyers making purchasing decisions. The development of bobbleheads is riding on the growth of digital technology.

As a buyer, you can source for ideas from the social media and order for a customized bobblehead ninja. Likewise, a bobblehead company will promote the products on social media.


Clearly, technological advancements continue to influence the production of bobbleheads the world over. These changes have led to more people embracing the use of bobbleheads in their various industries, such as sports, health, and business. The internet technology has made it easier to explore new ways to make these dolls useful. Without a doubt, there is a lot in store in the bobblehead industry, and different players are optimistic of a bright future.

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