Top10 Powerful Spell and Grammar Check Tools for Writers

Grammar Check Tools

Ever written something – an email, a manuscript, or a business proposal – only to be horrified later because you have found grammar or spelling errors? Even the most experienced authors are not immune to this dilemma, so proofreading your work is a MUST before you send anything.

But who still has time in today’s hectic world? Plus, there’s always that one bend you might miss. It’s good that there are grammar and spelling checkers these days. Apart from convenience, many of them can be used freely and act as personal editors.

So, if you need to polish up a CV or tweak a research assignment at the last minute, you can rely on these powerful grammar tools to help you.

Ten Best Grammar Check Tools Listing

Grammar Check Tools Listings
Grammar Check Tools Listings


There is a reason why it is one of the most popular grammar apps today.

In addition to checking for grammar and spelling errors, Grammarly can also make recommendations on style, tone, and vocabulary. Simply copy and paste or upload and let the app do the rest. This user-friendly interface is also one of the main reasons why people from freelancers to teachers love this app!

The basic functions are FREE, while the premium version includes more useful services such as a plagiarism detector and the integration of MS and Outlook.

Hemingway app

Hemingway App - Grammer Check Tools
Hemingway App – Grammer Check Tools

It’s not enough to know that you’ve nailed your grammar, spelling, and punctuation; just as important, if not vital, is understanding the legibility of your craft to get your message across – and no app does it better than Hemingway’s.

It’s free to use, but its PC and MAC desktop app costs $19.99. It’s definitely worth it, especially if you’re trying to sound relatable to your audience.


Grammar Check tools - Merriam-Webster
Grammar Check tools – Merriam-Webster

Whether on your phone or desktop, this handy tool keeps you sharp thanks to thesaurus, sample sentences, and even trendy words like Merriam-Webster, a must-have for any logophile.

It’s not just a dictionary. Today, it’s an essential app for Android and iOS users to stay up to date. Play, learn and keep your vocabulary fresh with just a few clicks.


Want to be your own editor? Now you can with ProWritingAid. This app covers most problem areas such as legibility, overused words, sentence structure, and, if you are a fiction author, bits such as tempo, sentence length, dialogue, and more.

ProWritingAid - Grammer Check Tools
ProWritingAid – Grammer Check Tools

Add this to your Chrome browser so you can immediately check for spelling and grammar mistakes, or start a free trial. Best of all, they will give you tips to help you learn from your mistakes.


This AI-powered tool improves your writing, no matter what you write for. Use it for emails, assignments, research, or even your future bestseller.

GradeProof offers its basic functions such as grammar, spell checker, and a custom dictionary for FREE. Upgrade to the Pro version and enjoy other services such as the eloquence engine, which focuses on improving your phrasing, word choice, and much more.


Ginger - Grammar Check Tools
Ginger – Grammar Check Tools

Why settle for MS Word proofreading when you can improve your game and be a better author? Ginger can help you correct your works, suggest intelligent rewriting, or even translate your text into 40 different languages.

In addition, download this app today and experience live corrections directly to MS Word or any MS application. Add it as a Chrome extension and have the confidence to write like a pro, from Facebook, LinkedIn, to Google, and Gmail.


This clever online translation app can also be useful for non-English authors or people who want to write certain dialogues in another language.

Do spelling checks directly on the Reverso interface, or rapidly switch from one foreign language to another. Do correspondence abroad? Then this tool is just right. Quickly type in what you need and press Translate.

The online version is FREE to use and comes with a synonym dictionary and a grammar and context checker.


WhiteSmoke - Grammar Check Tools
WhiteSmoke – Grammar Check Tools

WhiteSmoke offers different writing solutions for every need, from individuals who correct grammar and spelling on social media and the web to business owners who can integrate grammar and spelling on all writing platforms and browsers!

Their technology uses Natural Language Processing, which makes it easy to detect errors and analyze text for context, syntax, and style.


PaperRater - Grammer Check Tools
PaperRater – Grammer Check Tools

With tons of content on the web today, it’s all too easy to lose your hard work amid all the online noise. Worse still, someone is accusing you of plagiarism! For students, teachers, researchers, or post-graduates, make sure your work is not only spotless but also blameless by using PaperRater.

This app does spelling, grammar, plagiarism, word choice, and style checking, and even allows you to send your work directly to your teacher once you’re done. Best of all, all of these cool features are absolutely FREE! There’s also the ability to get a printable summary report of your work.

Slick Write

Block writing? Do you want to remove adverbs from your story? Do you want to know if your essay is filled with redundant words? Have Slick Write written so you can write better. Tools such as Edit, Flow, and Statistics give you an overview of what your writing really is like.

Slick Write - Grammer Check Tools
Slick Write – Grammer Check Tools

Look at a graphical breakdown of everything – sentence flow, vocabulary variety, sentence types, pronoun percentage, and passive voice index.

Word suggestions are a great feature to help you express your ideas better by giving you multiple recommendations based on context. Additionally, add your own preferences to a customizable dashboard.

What do you think? Whether it’s a curriculum vitae, a research paper, or a fictional novel, you know you can always rely on these grammar tools.

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