Top Well Known Buddhist Temples In The World

Buddhism is a religion and is trailed by numerous individuals in pretty much every district. It is established in fifth century BC in northeastern part. It is really founded on the lessons of Siddhartha Gautama who is otherwise called Buddha.

Buddhist Temples In World

The objective of Buddhism is to accomplish nirvana and getaway from affliction. Buddhism is the world’s significant religion and there are numerous Buddhist sanctuaries on the planet. The following is the rundown of some well know Buddhist temples in world which you can investigate with copa airlines booking.

List of Buddhist Temples In World


It is one of the significant sanctuaries for Buddhist devotees in South Korea and this sanctuary was worked in 802 and reconstructed in nineteenth century after when Haeinsa was scorched in fire. This sanctuary is a home of a total duplicate of Buddhist sacred writings. It is one of the well known vacation spots in South Korea.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda

It is the holiest Buddhist hallowed place in Yangon in Burma. The sanctuary complex is loaded with stunning and sparkling lights and brilliant stupas yet the primary fascination of the entire sanctuary is the 99 meter high principle stupa which is totally shrouded in gold.


It is additionally called Pagan and is arranged on the banks of Ayerwaddy River. It is the biggest territory secured with Buddhist sanctuaries, pagodas and stupas. It is a home to approx 2200 sanctuaries and pagodas as of now. Sanctuaries of Bagan falls into two classes that is the stupa style strong sanctuary and gu-style empty sanctuary.

Borobudur temple


It is situated in northwest of Yogyakarta on the Indonesian Island of Java. It was worked in approx 75 years in the eighth and ninth hundreds of years by 2 million squares of stone by the realm of Sailendra.

Mahabodhi Temple

It is situated in Bodh Gaya in India and is a Buddhist stupa. The primary complex of this sanctuary is the first bodh tree under which Gautama Buddha picked up edification and is viewed as the most sacrosanct spot in Buddhism. Following 250 years when Buddha achieved edification the incredible sovereign Ashoka fabricated a sanctuary on a similar spot. Anyway it was surrendered in fourteenth century and the explanation behind that is as yet a secret.

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It is the most sacrosanct site in Tibetan Buddhism which draws in numerous travelers consistently. This sanctuary was built in seventh century by King Songtsan Gampo. The Mongols attempted to sack the sanctuary numerous multiple times yet the structure endure and the fundamental sanctuary covers around 25000 sq meters of region.

Todaiji Temple

This Great Eastern Temple is Nara, Japan is one of the generally critical Buddhist sanctuaries in Japan. This sanctuary was worked by Emperor Shomu in eighth century. It is one of the popular vacationer goals in Japan.

Pha That Luang Temple

Pha That Luang

It is situated in Vientiane in Laos. It is presumed as one of the significant landmark. It is really based on the vestiges of a prior Khmer sanctuary which was crushed in 1828 by a Siamese intrusion. This landmark is a stupa and was worked in sixteenth century. Besides this stupa has a few patios and each porch speaks to various phases of Buddhist edification; the most noteworthy porch speaks to the universe of nothingness of the world and the least patio speaks to the materialistic world.

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Hope that you enjoy reading the list of buddhist temples in world, leave your comment below to mentioned any other you want to add in this list.

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