Top Grooming Companies & Brands for Men in India


Grooming Companies In India

The Man Company

First created in 2013, the Gurgaon-based Men’s grooming company was created to cater to the all-round grooming needs of men. Being an Indian company, the organization understands that the grooming needs of Indian men differ a lot from that of the world. The products released by them immediately became a favorite among a majority of Indian men with many swearing by its shampoos and grooming kits.

The company provides almost everything, from shampoos, body washes, shaving kits, and hair gels. Other than that, the company creates its products using natural ingredients and all their products are paraben-free.


Top Grooming Companies - Beardo
Top Grooming Companies – Beardo

As soon as the company’s products hit the commercial market, they became an instant hit among beard and mustache keepers. Although Beardo releases products for hair, skin, and body care too, its main target has always been on facial hair such as beards and mustaches.

The company has products that specifically target certain parts of facial hair such as mustache oil, beard oil, mustache wax, beard combs, and even shampoos. The company also so endorsements and support from various celebrities and influencers swearing by it for its effectiveness.


One of the up and coming brands centered around men and their grooming needs, Mancode has been creating a name for itself in the Indian Men’s Grooming market. The company makes a diverse range of products ranging from beard and mustache oil, hair wax, mustache wax, and beard softeners.

Top Grooming Companies - Mancode
Top Grooming Companies – Mancode

They also make daily care essential products such as soaps and shampoos that are specifically made for the Indian man. Moreover, all their products are Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, and cruelty-free. Mancode also makes face masks and De-Tan masks for men. These products can be bought from almost any major online store or from their site. They also provide huge discounts and steals on their products, so be sure to stay updated with its website.

Kama Ayurveda

The only brand to have derived its products from the ancient art of Ayurveda, Kama Ayurveda has become known for its naturally derived products for the skin as well as hair care. Its products have nutritional content that keeps your skin and hair healthy and gives them a nice glow that stays during the whole day.

Although the products are a little more expensive than the rest, they make it up with superior quality and ensures that their products are free of harmful artificial products like artificial colors, petrochemicals, and parabens. The company also provides luxurious ayurvedic treatments to its customers.


TIGI is one of the higher-end Men’s grooming companies in the market. The company is known for making one of the best hair care products and skin cleansers in the market. Originated in the United Kingdom, the company made it quite big in India due to its high quality and effectiveness. Their products can be found in almost every high-end hair salon in upscale Indian suburbs and are also the styling partner for many fashion shows too.

The Body Shop

Top Grooming Companies - The Body Shop
Top Grooming Companies – The Body Shop

One of the most renowned skin and hair care brands in India, The Body Shop is among the top-most personal grooming companies in India. Although the company caters to both men and women, they also have a line of hair and grooming products that are made specifically for men. Their products are mostly made of natural products and extracts, one of the most famous and widely used being the Banana Shampoo, which can be used by both men and women.

Park Avenue

With the release of its famous Beer shampoo, Park Avenue has made huge strides in the Men’s grooming department. The company mainly releases products that are targeted mainly at men, with product lines of shampoos, soaps, face washes, and scrubs. Besides that, their products are inexpensive and provide a high quality of conditioning and nurturing for the skin and hair which are very similar to that of high-end brands and cosmetic lines. The company is also endorsed by many celebrities and is trusted by a lot of people too.


Top Grooming Companies - Dove
Top Grooming Companies – Dove

Dove is known for creating products mainly for women but recently, it released a line of self-grooming products for men. The products turned out to be a huge hit in the commercial market as well as among men. The company provides daily care products such as an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner for men, body soaps, and face washes. Their products are known to be gentle on the skin as well as the scalps, making them preferred among a lot of men.

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