Top AdSense alternatives in 2018


Top AdSense alternatives in 2018

We all know that Google AdSense is the world largest Publishers networks and Google AdSense pays more than any other advertisement network, But we also know that Google AdSense policies are very strict before submitting website to Google AdSense we need to check for various conditions that content is not copyrighted content is not written in poor English or grammar mistakes or we are not using any extra or garbage gadget which will impact your site speed or navigation.

We know that Google AdSense also hates those websites which use other advertisement networks for earning money Google will immediately disapprove those websites that are using other advertisement networks for earning money, or Google also hates those sites which have cracked or hacking material, Like if we need AdSense then we need to follow the terms and conditions of Google AdSense but in several other Advertisement networks they have also some terms and conditions but not as strict as like Google AdSense.

Here are some top alternatives to Google AdSense in 2018.

1) tied up with the Yahoo! Bing Network to enable publishers to increase advertising has since been touted as an effective alternative to Google Adsense. Yahoo, Forbes, New York Times, Elle, Reuters, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping are among sites running ads.
Minimum payout $100.

2) Infolinks

Infolinks is the largest alternative to Google AdSense in 2018. Infolinks headquarters is in the United States of America and several R&D offices in other countries of the world. Infolinks provides in-text ads, banner ads, sidebar etc.
Minimum Payout $50.

3) Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is another best alternative to Google AdSense in 2018. Bidvertiser headquarters is in Isreal and offices in the USA and other countries. Bidvertiser allows publishers to earn the maximum amount of money via banner ads sidebar and pop-up ads.
Minimum Payout $10 Via PayPal or Payza
$100 on check
$500 on the wire transfer.

4) Adsterra

Adsterra is a slick advertising network with innovative ad formats and growing number of large brands using the platform. It’s a platform that I feel is the best Google Adsense alternative. It’s the fastest growing ad network and a well-respected brand in the online advertising space.
Minimum Payout $100 ($1000 on PayPal)

5) Viglink

If you build ordinary links to qualifying products on your website, Viglink converts them into affiliate links you can earn money from. They maintain relationships with merchants. In exchange for their services, they keep a percentage of your commissions and then pay you the rest. Depending on the Viglink service you use, they may keep either 25% or an undisclosed percentage of your earnings.
Minimum Payout $10
They pay publishers on a net-60 day basis.


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