Top 5 Reasons to Work With a Specialist Property Manager Over Old Real Estate


It’s a huge financial commitment to own an investment property. This is why it’s necessary to look for the right property manager who can help you maximize your rental return.

A lot of real estate agencies provide management services, and some people who purchased their property through one may think that it’s a great idea to entrust the running of the property to the same company.

However, if you’re really serious about your investment, a safer bet you may consider is a specialist property management company. Hiring a professional property manager can help you how you can add a great value to your rental property investments, and if you want to why, here are the reasons why you should work with one:

#1 They Deliver Better Service

The primary focus of larger agencies is usually a profitable sales arm. It’s where they can find the big money, and entry-level rental staff may see their position as only a stepping stone to a career in sales.

With the help from the right specialist property management agency, the property specialists and entire staff are only focused on one single thing: rentals. Their main priority is you and your investment property, which means managers will be driven to boost your rental return, providing professional advice, and offer a prolonged working relationship.

#2 Find You High-Quality Tenants

Find You High-Quality Tenants - Real Estate Specialist
Find You High-Quality Tenants – Real Estate Specialist

Screening tenants is a process that’s complicated, and you might end up with a bad tenant if you don’t have enough experience in the real estate industry.

Bad tenants can bring you a big problem since it would be hard to make them leave your property. A good and professional property management company has a trustworthy and verified screening process that helps them choose tenants who will:

  • Pay rent on time or ahead
  • Rent for a long time
  • Take care of the property
  • Avoid wear and tear of the property
  • Cause lesser problems

A property management company that has a lot of experience and has been in the business for so many years, has dealt with thousands of tenant applications. They know how to dig deeper into facts about your possible tenants faster and determine red flags. Management companies who handle tenant screening can help you avoid rental scams that are aimed at property owners.

Also, you can be sure that you won’t have to experience discrimination lawsuits that can consume a lot of your time. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a professional property manager is you are able to avoid bad tenants, lawsuits, and scams.

#3 Give You Long-Term Tenants

The problem with short-term tenants is placing you to deal with more sequences of issues such as lost rent, changing the locks, cleaning the property, repainting of walls, replacing of carpets or floors, and other small repairs. But with the help of a good property manager, you are ensured that you won’t have to experience these things since they have to go through the tenant screening process like what we’ve previously discussed. A lot of these things can consume so much time and are pricey. To avoid these, make sure you keep your tenants happy.

Give You Long-Term Tenants - Real Estate Specialist
Give You Long-Term Tenants – Real Estate Specialist

Your property manager will have a time-tested tenant retention policy. Having this is necessary and require a structured and steady approach, which is why a quality property management is very important to have. If you keep your tenant happy, the rent will surely be a long-term one.

#4 Consistent in Level of Service

Most of the time, a real estate agency is usually affected by the ups and downs of the property market, which may result to more employee turnover at unquestionable times, and inconsistency in the quality of service.

A property management firm is more protected from the unpredictable real estate market, and this firmness allows it to gravitate and hire long-term, quality staff. In this way, property owners like you can be given a more consistent service, and be happier to know that you can work and depend on the same committed manager for many years.

#5 Lower Repair and Cheaper Maintenance Costs

Cheaper Maintenance - Real Estate Specialist
Cheaper Maintenance – Real Estate Specialist

Your tenants will feel satisfied and grateful if you provide them with better maintenance, and by doing that, you are also preserving the value of your assets. If you get to hire a good property manager, you are also gaining access to expert maintenance and a group of insured, licensed, and securely joined contractors. The contractors they know can be trusted and have been screened for excellent work and reasonable pricing. This can save you plenty of money unlike when you hire someone from the yellow pages.

In addition, having the service of a great property management company will also allow you to acquire discounts on account of their huge volume of properties they have managed for years.

So if you are tired of the same old property management from a traditional real estate company, consider opting for a property management company who can help you maximise your investment.

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