Top 5 Best Financial Apps for Manging Finance and Investment

Top 5 Best Financial Apps for Managing Finance and Investment

In this era, every person is just trying to get as much money as possible by using different resources or by innovative ideas, but it’s not only about to earn money it’s actually about to manage your income and invest it in the proper manner to secure your future.
There are many apps that can be used to save and secure your money just by using your smartphone.


It’s a direct mutual fund invest app. The main feature of my way wealth application is,
•    It is commission free app and it does not require any extra charges.
•    You can rebalance or manage your portfolio.
•    Advance research report can get by which you can make a superior report of your fund. It will help you to take the decision and further steps in the future for investment.
There are many other plans of investment like term insurance, national pension system.
But the safe one and most convenient is direct mutual fund investment which I will prefer if you wish to invest your money.


As its name showing it’s a splitting of your money wisely to secure as much as possible. By using this app you can divide your bill in between your friends.

Financial Apps for Managing Finance and Investment


It helps to fulfill your dreams or help to achieve your little life goals like purchasing a bike, laptop, mobile phone etc. Because most of the time it has been difficult for you to save your money from your regular income. By using this app you can store your money in Wizely.
If my next target is to buy a camera, then I will try to calculate the amount I can save on daily basis either it is 40 Rs or 500 Rs depend upon my range. The amount I prefer for saving can add in this app.

4)  CRED

By this app, if you are credit card holder you can pay your credit card bills easily just by a click from your cell phone.
This app also sends you a reminder about the date of paying the bill. Another benefit is the scoring property of this app, which will be increased if you pay your bill on time and Got healthy score. You can also get point or rewards from this app which can be redeemed by tying up with many merchants available on this app.


Lazy pay means you can pay late if you don’t have money in your account at that moment so you can pay late at the given limited time. But if you cross the limited time then you have to pay some penalty. But the positive thing is that you get some cash back if you pay by lazy pay you got some percentage of cash back.

So all these apps are so much beneficial to manage your saving, for investment and spending money wisely.

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