Hong Kong of the world’s most exciting places with so much to see and do but when you only have a short amount of time here what are the most important things to see.

Here are the top Eleven things to see in Hong Kong in a few days

Hong Kong is a very special very unique place it’s officially called Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. nearly seven and a half million people live in Hong Kong it’s the world’s fourth-most densely populated area.

1) SIM and Octopus Card

Octopus Card Hong Kong

The first recommendation is to get two very important things right off the plane and you can get them at the airport a SIM card for your phone especially if you’re going to be using it to navigate and you’ll need an octopus card to ride the MTR which is a metro system. The MTR is the most affordable and efficient way to get around Hong Kong I was very grateful to have Eunice with me but I did find that the navigation seemed to be pretty straightforward and very well organized

2) Temple Street Night Market

Temple street night market smells really good due to a lot of food outlets. One of the most important parts of visiting Hong Kong is the food. Hong Kong is famous for food and when you visit you better bring your appetite because there are too many things to try that you’ll regret missing out. one of the best ways to experience local dining is at the temple street night market especially if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone and taste new things

Foods you should Try in Temple Street Night Market

Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings)
Sui Mai (Pork Dumplings)
Cheung Fun
Cha Siu Bao (BBQ Pork Buns)
BBQ Pork inside a bun

Another part of the temple street night market is shopping, here you’ll find dozens of merchants that sell artwork, gadgets, clothing basic cultural staples and lots of randomnesses

3) Choi Hung Estate

Choi Hung Estate

Choi Hung Estate which translates to the rainbow, it is recognized all over the world for its colorful palette and has attracted tourists since the 60s. 47,000 peoples live in this community all condensed in the building.

4) Victoria Peak

View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak the place with the best views of the entire city to get the most spectacular view it’s worth paying for a ticket. Access to the top of the peak tower cost 52 Hong Kong dollars and it’s worth it. you can take the Peak Tram to get here or just take a cab but no matter what time of day you choose to visit, the view from Victoria peak is breathtaking. Don’t forget to hit up the stores and do some shopping on your way down the tower.

5) Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park Overview 2009

This park is right in the middle of central it’s a great escape from the busyness of the city and you wouldn’t expect it to be in the middle. It’s surrounded by buildings that it’s quiet and serene there are lots of birds around, lots of the tentacles and Gardens.

6) Ichiran

ICHIRAN Food 201306

What’s unique about this place is if you have a very private seating arrangement. you will have a booth here, write down the order as soon as you did ring bell. Someone comes and picks your order up and then they deliver the food. After delivery, they shut the window and the rest is all up to you to finish all of the food.

6) Star Ferry

Star Ferry pier. Kowloon side. Hong Kong.

For more amazing views of the city and an affordable way to go back and forth between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, there’s this Star Ferry. It only takes a few minutes to get across and it only costs 2.20 Hong Kong dollars.

7) Lantau Island

Lantau Island

Lantau Island is a must-see and it has the best in Hong Kong. you’ll want to set aside a full day like because there’s so much to see the best way to get to the island is on a metro from Tung Chung Station.

8) Ngong PING 360 Cable Car

The whole ride takes about 20 minutes one way, but the view is epic. The other cool thing about cable car is that you get the all crystal glass enclosure you can see on the floor where your feet are there’s water down there. so here lots to do a great place to just come and experience Hong Kong.

9) Big Buddha Po Lin Monastery

Big Buddha Statue at Lantau Island

It is one of largest sitting Buddha in the world. after Big Buddha, you make way back down the steps and directly comes across the way to Po Lin Monastery

10) Tai O Fishing village

If you’re looking for something different than the busy city Tai O fishing village offers a peaceful escape with lots of history. the buildings on stilts have been there since the 19th century when fishermen in the Ming Dynasty began to live there

11) Din Tai Fung

HK Bus 10 tour view 68 Yee Wo Street building name sign May-2014 鼎泰豐 Dintaifung Taiwanese restaurant

Din Tai Fung is must place to visit. Although you may find this restaurant chains around the world. there’s something to be said for visiting the one in Hong Kong.

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