It’s not easy to find a best quality drone that suits all of your requirement, and it’s get more searching when your budget is restricted upto $400.You may be surprised, We have found out a great deal of best quality drones under $400 that can beat the price and features of high quality drones and will match perfectly according to your requirements. So given below is the list of top 10 best quality drones that you can buy under $400.

Drones Under $400 You Can Buy

Wingsland M5

Wingsland M5 - Drones Under $400
Wingsland M5 – Drones Under $400

Wingsland M5 is one the best designed drone made for professionals who want to try their hand with a serious drone. Wingsland M5 drone is fitted with GPS Assisted Hover that makes flying this drone quietly easy for first timers, while Optical flow sensor makes this drone suitable for precise flight and stable for altitude hold. Apart from it, It has GPS, Follow Me Mode and Return to Home mode which makes this drone perfect one and affordable. 

DJI Spark 

DJI Spark - Drones Under $400
DJI Spark – Drones Under $400

DJI Spark is one the most famous drone available in the market under the price of $400. DJI Spark has a light weight design that makes it easy to carry in backpacks. It has a number of shooting mode including shallow focus. Some of the best features of this drone is Tapfly Control, GPS Tracking, Auto Return and many more features which makes this drone incredible. 

DJI Phantom 2 

DJI Phantom 2 is one of the most popular drone produced by the well known brand DJI. It was a smash when it was first released in the market. DJI Phantom 2 has some the best features which can fit according to the customer needs. It comes with Auto Return, Intelligent Orientation Control and Advance Power Management and many more features which makes it pretty cool. It’s a really good drone for photography professionals. 

3DR Solo

3DR Solo - Drones Under $400
3DR Solo – Drones Under $400

3DR Solo remains one of the most affordable drone in market under $400. 3DR solo comes with a number of flight modes such as Selfie, Cable Cam and Orbit which are very useful for shooting videos. It also includes a video remote controller that allows you to fly this drone with ease. 

3DR Solo can be the amazing fit for those who are looking for best drone under $400 for photography and video shoots.

Traxxas Aton Plus 

Traxxax Aton Plus is a very interesting model for best altitude views. It’s really worth considering when looking for a powerful drone. This drone has a numerous features which makes it perfectly suitable for those who are looking for top drones under $400. It has features like Film Mode, Sport Mode and Expert Mode which makes it a perfect match for all professionals.

Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2 - Drones Under $400
Parrot Bebop 2 – Drones Under $400

Parrot Bebop 2 can be a suitable match for any level, from beginner to experienced. It’s light weight and aerodynamic structure allows you to carry it where ever you roam. I has numerous features that can make your flying experience hassle free, Follow Me, GPS and many more features makes this drone a perfect match. If you like exploring new places on regular basis than it could be a great match for you in the affordable budget of under $400. 

Holy Stone HS700

Holy Stone HS700 is the most amazing product of the company Holy Stone, aimed at drone enthusiasts of all levels. It contains a numerous features like Follow Me Mode, Custom Flight Path etc. It also contains some various features especially designed for beginners such as locking / unlocking, headless mode and an LED light. You can make your flying experience enjoyable by buying this drone at an affordable price of under $400.

WLToys X380

This is one the most interesting model produced by WLToys. It was launched quite a while but it is still performing in the market because of it’s outstanding performance and functions. WLToys X380 is an powerful drone because of it’s best performance. The main feature that makes it a perfect drone is that WLToys X380 can fly for 30 minutes in a single charge. The other main features that X380 contains are One Key take off and landing, Air Pressure, Auto Return and GPS. 

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Arris X- Speed 280 V2

X-Speed 280 V2 is a fully assembled and tested racer that is available in market under the budget of $400. 

It comes with every functionality that you need to dive into drone racing. This drone comes with flight controller and also packs a RadioLink transmitter with a receiver. Arris X-Speed 280 V2 is genuine racing peace. If you want to buy a real racing monster drone under the budget of $400 than it can be great fit. 

Walkera AiBao

AiBao is a product of the company Walkera. Walker AiBao is a very intelligent drone that can work with ease according to your requirements and it’s a perfect match for all level of users. AiBao includes many features such as Altitude Hold, Flight Planning, Follow Me Mode, Smart Follow and GPS. All these features makes this drone to fly with ease and to click best photography and video shots. This drone is a great fit for those who are looking to buy a drone under $400. 

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