Three Different Types of Quality Inspections


Three Different Types of Quality Inspections

Poor quality of the product can determine the future of a product and visibility of the supply chain is important for quality control management. When you hire factory auditing company they offer so many amazing factory auditing services so that inspections are performed on a regular basis in order to avoid poor quality of the product. Furthermore, factory auditing company should catch all the issues and address it before it causes any damage to the reputation of the company or brand.

Types of Quality Inspections

There are three main quality inspections conducted by factory auditing company in Malaysia i.e. pre-production, in-line, and final. There are so many details in a product which needs to be inspected and approved in each phase to determine and correct that defect or quality problems.

•    Pre-Production Inspection

At the time of pre-production process, the raw materials should be tested by opting for factory auditing services before it enters into the final production. This process includes dimensional stability, examination of the weight of the material, retention of the pile, pilling resistance, torquing, stretch recovery, and much more. The components included in this inspection are screws, beads, smartphone parts, and rivets must be tested for regulatory requirements.

Quality Inpection

However, since, the quality inspection might lead to the defects in the raw material, opting for factory auditing services will allow auditing companies to take note of any issues before starting with the manufacturing process. Therefore, by investigating the brands, raw materials, and retailers up front would avoid all additional expenses and delays.

•    In-Line Inspection

Some other additional inspections should also take place during the production phase of any product. For apparel based products inspection should be done on a regular basis at each and every important step, from assembling to cutting to selling or finishing the production process.

For instance, when the product manufacturing is in the cutting stage, each and every cutting ticket cutting should analyzed and examined randomly to make sure that each part of the product is separated. If the part of the smartphone is not soldered properly, then other parts cannot be assembled properly.

Conducting in-line inspection is very important, as quality related issues can be worked on during the manufacturing stage and these can be sorted out before the shipment of the final product batch. In addition, if the quality related issues are not corrected during the initial phases of the manufacturing, these small issues, in the beginning, can lead to big issues in the later stages.

•    Final Inspection

Final inspection is considered as a final opportunity for factory auditing companies to find and solve quality issues before the product is in the hands of buyers. During this final inspection, products are examined according to the specifications mentioned by the import company, overall design, and appearance, and how it is fitting for the users.

Big brands and retailers often skip this inspection while most of the product batch is in the factory for manufacturing and is only perform randomly. Once the order is received by the customers that the only final inspection takes place.

However, by then it is too late and only poor quality products are discarded. This will be very costly for both the parties especially the manufacturers, who will have to bear the additional expenses.

Quality Inspections Conclusion

We offer various solution to auditors for performing all the above-mentioned inspection before the final batch of the product is shipped. It offers both online and offline capabilities with worldwide collaboration in multiple languages.

Moreover, this system allows auditing companies to conduct multiple inspection types per PO, taking photos of the product defect, and generating an action plan to counter those defects. It supports defects at multiple levels like a minor, major, and critical, flexible AQL tables, and both single and double plans for sampling.

Quality inpection conculsion

All of this information should be collected by the audit companies on the tablet devices and should be uploaded on the company’s brand management solution, which results in failure notifications and real-time reporting.

Contact ProQC factory audit services to know about how to simplify the production processes.

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