Bipedal Robot can walk without thinking


Bipedal Robot

Although there are already many robots who know how to “walk”, the figure of this biped robot is basically considered to be “running”, and it is relative to those who rely on computers and sensors to balance the calculation of the model.

The use of the technology of independent stability, so that it can be independent of 16kph speed forward, even if the robot can be increased to the size of the human body, this mechanism should be able to speed up to about 32 ~ 48kph! 

According to Jerry Pratt, a senior engineer at IHMC, the research program, called Planar Elliptical Runner (PER), will be available on a regular running robot to make them run more natural and efficient, or Is it more bionic? 

Most of the existing bipedal robots need to rely on a variety of sensors and computing resources to carry out the balance of walking. The PER design is only through a single motor-driven robot walking structure to run in an oval, you can self-stable walking. 

The power of this technique lies in its built-in reactive resilience. Simply put, that is, when the robot’s feet feel the resistance, the motor will know how to move forward in the adjustment of the road, and mechanically adjust the follow-up to continue to stabilize the pace, so that the original need to maintain a large number of resources to move forward bipedal robot, Can be easier to complete walking or even running the action.

Although the technology is still needed to assist (portable or by the set of the track) can be balanced and normal forward. However, according to the team’s argument, in these measurements several times, they also learned more can be improved and has been in the simulation environment to achieve the balance of walking around the set. 

So, the next is likely to be able to see really do not need to help automatically walk the implementation of the version. To some extent, Xiao Bian that PER technology, like a need to learn the balance of the two locomotives, become more four-wheeled car control as simple as the robot will be able to effectively reduce the relevant technology for dynamic balance The required computing resources and hardware weight. 

If this threshold can be reduced, I believe the future for the development of bipedal robots will be of great help.

Bipedal Robot feets

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