Things you need to know before buying a new smartphone

Tips before buying a new smartphone

Brands will advertise all sorts of USPs for smartphones, leaving users with questions like: Should I go for a ‘splash proof’ phone? What is a “punch hole camera” and do I need it? Does a quad-camera make a big difference to images I take?

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It is easy and natural to get swayed, wooed and confused by extraordinary claims, but what would help you stay focussed on getting what you need at the best price possible, is to have a checklist of your own before you start browsing through smartphone options.

  1. Battery

Especially because our phone screens are our only window to the world today, since we’re locked down in our human-size bird cages, the last thing one can tolerate has to put the phone aside for charging every couple of hours.

Whether you’re a student attending virtual lectures on your phone, or a housewife whipping up exciting new recipes to compensate for everyone’s lack of excitement in life, or even a corporate slave chained to your phone for one virtual meeting after the next, you need a reasonable battery life. The going norm is a 5,000mAh battery. 

  1. Camera

All the best smartphones under 25,000 INR and even budget smartphones today come with high resolution cameras. And it must be like that! After all, how are we expected to live life in full HD in the public domain via our posts and stories without a simply stellar camera?

Depending on your budget, you could get a minimum 48 megapixel rear camera (with the 4-lens feature – most phones seem to offer this) and a 16 megapixel selfie camera. Never settle for a low resolution selfie camera because you certainly don’t want patchy-looking selfies.

  1. Display

The Thin film transistor liquid crystal display technology is the most common display technology which is used in most of the mobile phones. A variant of liquid crystal display, the technology uses TFT technology to enhance image quality.

There is room for preferences when it comes to smartphone displays. Some people would go for smaller screens that allow for phones to slip easily into their pockets (or clutch purses), while others want large screens that allow for a better movie streaming or gaming experience.

Consider what you need out of your phone and choose accordingly. Look for full HD or QHD displays for a delightful viewing experience. Any resolution between 720 x 1600 pixels and 1080 x 2400 pixels works. 

  1. Memory

Given the huge dependence on our smartphones, it is best to go for a minimum 4GB RAM device – although admittedly a 6GB RAM mobile would be even better – with at least 64GB storage. A 6GB RAM mobile would ordinarily come with about 128GB storage.

Remember that RAM is used for everything you do on your phone, so you do need a decently high RAM size to ensure that your device works smoothly.

  1. Processor

You’re 6GB RAM mobile needs to be powered by a good processor. This is because the processor and RAM together comprise the team that determines how quickly and smoothly your smartphone will operate.

Especially if you use your phone heavily for streaming and gaming, a high speed processor is an absolute must-have. In today’s set-up a minimum quad-core, if not octa-core processor is necessary.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best smartphone under Rs. 50,000 or the best smartphone under 25,000 INR, or even the best smartphone under 15,000 INR. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you could observe the processors on high end phones and look for phones within your price range that boast of processors belonging to the same series or family.

  1. Security

Fingerprint sensors, eye or iris sensors, facial recognition, mobile tracking and other security features could be important depending on what kind of information is stored on your phone.

Especially if you’re conducting all your banking via your phone, such features are imperative. However, this is last on the list because it depends on what you are using your phone for.

It is also slightly less relevant to people at this moment in time because most of us are only surrounded by family at the moment amidst the pandemic.

Armed with this list of tips, you can buy yourself the best smartphone under 25,000 INR, or at an even better price, smartly and also easily – with No Cost EMIs that are available on most e-commerce platforms.

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