The Most Beautiful best rental villas and properties in Ibiza

Ibiza just draw you towards itself as if you are spellbound by some kind of invisible magic Beautiful best rental villas.

However, people are always going to be biased for some places or favour some parts of this splendid island over others. There are more beautiful parts in Ibiza to explore. Let’s have a

Playa d’en Bossa is the longest beach in Ibiza. People often compare this place with Bali. From the excellent beaches, great food, relaxing music and best of the services provided here, this place is definitely no less than Bali. But all this is for the daytime.

At night, you find the crowd that enjoys clubbing here. Clubs like Hi Ibiza, Sankeys and Ushuaïa are highly recommended for a visit. It also has great bars for you to enjoy drinks and cocktails. And not to forget, the accommodation here are such a pleasure. This is a must visit destination in Ibiza.

Cala Conta beach

Cala Conta, Ibiza - YouTube

Cala Conta beach can be considered as one of the best beaches in Ibiza. You will have a prime experience of watching the sunset in here. The dual stretches of land make this beach more interesting. On one hand, the coastline is rocky. And at the other hand, the coastline is consisting of sand dunes.

Even though the portion of land is not too much here, people still wants to lounge by the sea side. The shallow water near the coastline is safe that even children can enjoy in it without any fear. Most of the time, it is preferred for snorkelling. You will also be offered many entertainment options by the beach’s bars and resort to have an enjoyable time there.

Santa Eulalia

All sorts of luxury you can imagine will be available for you. From mouth-watering variety of foods, luxurious hotels, exposure of art galleries, everything can be an add on for your stay here.

Sol d’en Serra

The ride to Sol d’en Serra will take 20 minutes from Santa Eulalia. There is only one way of transportation to here and that is by car. This place is quite secluded and small. This could be the reason for it to be not much visited.

It is rocky and the water currents in this area of the beach is of higher level. So, it makes this beach unsafe for people, especially for children. Amante restaurant is the landmark for this place and is situated on the higher grounds of this beach. With the stunning views and gorgeous sunset here, you are going to feel your own little paradise.

Sant Josep de sa Talaia

If you want to see more of Ibiza then just beaches, then you should head for Sant Josep de sa Talaia. The Salines Nature Park & Vendranell Nature Reserve are an attraction for people here. But you are also be walking close to volcanoes and beaches as well. You will be getting to see breweries too. A must go-to place for nature lovers.



Eivissa is commonly known as Ibiza town. It is the largest and the capital of Ibiza. Other name of this town is Catalan. This town resides Pancha nightclub here. World’s best DJs play music here every summer night.

Not only that, it is also a great place for shopping. You are going to find everything from high-end stores for clothing, boutiques, shoe shops and what not. Besides, for exploring here you’ll get museums, art galleries and citadel of Dalt Vila. But the bonus part for a trip here is that you might be able spot some celebs here. Won’t it be like a cherry on the cake!

Les villages du Nord

People will boast about the beaches with beautiful panoramic views in Ibiza. But the villages in the island, that are equally as beautiful are talked less about. In the north side of this island from Santa Eularia des Riu, you are going to find many villages that are so pretty.

Discover the different shades of the aqua of the island while taking the coastal route of the village Port de Sant Miquel. The streets lined with bougainvilla will make you feel like a part of romance of the Greeks. Santa Gertrudis is also an equally mesmerising village with photogenic architecture by the residents.

UNESCO Site of Dart Vila

Dalt Vila is a town that is located on a small mountain that is alongside a sea. The town is fortified and overlooks the town. Its name literally translates to “Upper Town” but was originally named Ibosim.

The defensive renaissance wall that is surrounding this town was constructed by King Charles I & Philip II of Spain, to protect it from French and Ottomans. So it is not a surprise that this place is a UNESCCO site. To explore this place better you should be on foot with comfortable footwear so as to cross through narrow and winding paths.

Aquarium Cap Blanc

You might have never had a chance to visit such a unique aquarium anywhere. You actually have to go underground in a sea cave to explore the various species of marine life. This aquarium is just a few minutes off from San Antonio. At this place earlier, local fishermen used to lay traps for fishes. It is an all together a very different and splendid experience from wood-walks rose on higher level or running above the pools in the caves.

All the spots stated in here, is lesser known and less visit more spots of Ibiza. However, they offer much more things to its visitor then the image of Ibiza people have in their minds. So, make sure to go and see these unpopular sites of the Ibiza that is needed to be discovered.

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