Managing your workforce can be quite a difficult job to do. Sending out everyone’s daily tasks to getting out important messages, everything can feel like too much to do. Luckily, there are tools that are made specifically for the purpose of managing your team or your workforce. They are quite easy to use, are very effective in good communication, and are quite affordable as well. So, what are the best team management tools that you can use in 2020? Let’s find out

Good communication among team members is key to the success of every project. When a proper communication platform is used, everyone knows what to do and almost everyone is on the same page about what is going on in the organization. This makes the use of team management tools very important as they offer something that every working organization needs. A platform for clear and effective communication.

Some of The Top Team Management Tools In 2020

We have made a list of some of the most effective, easy to use, and versatile team management tools available in 2020. You can choose the best one depending on your project’s or organization’s special needs and requirements. 


Slack is one of the most widely used and one of the most famous team management tools out there. It was launched in 2013 and has gotten a lot following since its launch. It is free to use and you can add an unlimited number of people and even upload your content. It is very effective for large groups of people and is equally efficient for a small team. 


Tameday is quite an effective team communication and management tool and is a good alternative to Slack. It has a unique instant chat feature that allows quick and effective communication with instant feedback that is needed by many organizations. Not just this but it has a task management tool built-in as well with a calendar making it the only platform that any business needs for all of its requirements. This tool is also free to use for everyone with no cap on the number of people using it.

Troop Messenger

Troop messenger as the name calls for it, is really effective to communicate with your troops. It has a unique group message and direct message feature that allows you to convey your message very easily and instantly. It also offers audio calls and video calls making it the best tool to host online meetings and group meetings.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has its own unique team management tool that is known as Microsoft Teams. It offers group chats and a live broadcast feature as well. Other tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can directly be accessed from it giving it extreme usability for sharing documents and files. It is free to use for 300 people, you can get the full version in the Microsoft essentials pack.


Flock is another effective business management and team communication tool that offers many great features. It is called as “the one-stop platform”, as it offers all the services that you need in a single place. You can make group chats, add unlimited members, connect your google drive, and even video call. It is free to use but the pro plans start from six dollars a month.

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Some Final Words

As the coronavirus pandemic has now taught us the importance of such tools, team management tools are now getting widely accepted by organizations all around the world. If you’re a business owner and need an effective medium to communicate with your team or employees, there is no other better option than team management tools.

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