Spotify vs Deezer: Which One to Choose?


Spotify is popular around the world as one of the biggest music streaming services with more than 140 million paid users. On the other hand, Deezer has approx. 10 million subscribers. Even though Spotify has a lot more subscribers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its services are better than Deezer.

Here we will compare the two using various matrices and see which service is actually better. Your internet connection also plays a part in the audio quality of the music you get to listen to. I opted for one of the Spectrum packages since I wanted a better internet service to listen to songs in higher quality audio without interruptions. Both services can be used over the internet using a computer or cellphone. You can also download mobile applications of both services from various App Stores. 

Difference Between the Two

Even though Spotify has a lot more subscribers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its services are better than Deezer. Technically speaking, there aren’t huge differences between the two. They both provide audio streaming services. Their functions and content are also quite similar. The only noticeable difference is in their popularity and the quality of audio.

#1. User Interface

Where Deezer has a bright and colorful user interface that looks nice with the same font for everything, Spotify’s interface has a dark-theme. Both services are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Deezer’s homepage shows various sections like favorite artists, music genres, recommended and popular playlists, etc. While Spotify’s homepage features recently played, new releases, and recommended tracks for the current time. Both services have a “Made For You” category on their homepage as well.

#2. Content

In terms of content, there isn’t a huge difference in the music library of both services. Both music players feature more than 50 million songs. Both music players house songs from many of the world-famous musicians, smaller bands, and DJs as well. However, these services don’t only feature music in their content. Spotify offers a higher number of podcast selections to its users as compared to its competitor. Deezer takes precedence over Spotify with the fact that many podcasts are featured exclusively on its platform and not on Spotify. 

#3. Audio Quality

If you subscribe to Deezer’s premium package, you get to enjoy the superior sound quality that is even better than Spotify’s service. Whereas both platforms offer similar sound quality on regular plans. You can stream audio of 320kbps (or lower) in the regular plan.

Deezer offers a HiFi plan allowing you access to higher quality FLAC audio with 1,411kbps bitrate.  However, you can fully enjoy this sound quality with a better pair of headphones only. This plan is exclusive to Deezer as Spotify doesn’t offer any such plans.

If you don’t want to compromise sound quality and are willing to pay more to enjoy better service, then Deezer is a better option instead of Spotify.

#4. Pricing

Funnily enough, most package prices of both music players are almost the same. The similarity in prices is mainly due to the fact that both services offer similar features and content quality. Both Spotify and Deezer offer advertisements free music services in their paid packages that you can also save and listen to offline.

Wrapping Up…

If you are a pure music fanatic who wants to listen to music with the best sound quality, then Deezer is a better option. You can opt for its HiFi package and pay $5 more to enjoy the best music quality. On the other hand, if you want better search results and you like categorizing music to your preferences then you should go with Spotify.

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