Find out why do you require a Root canal?

Find out why do you require a Root canal?

If you have decay in your tooth’s pulp or its root, then certainly root canal is the method to remove out and clean that decay. The procedure of root canal is meant to prevent and stop the tooth from decaying and causing any further dental disease. Looking for dentist Central Coast? Contact us.

Understanding the structure of the tooth 

structure of the tooth xray

The outside layer of your teeth is enamel, and the second layer inside is called dentin. Inside dentin is a softcore that connects your tooth with the jawline with the help of roots. This softcore contains the dental pulp, which is bound to protect the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues, which is very much responsible for your tooth’s functioning. 

Since you get to know how delicate the dental pulp might be, its decaying can cause dangerous infection; in some cases, the pulp becomes necrotic too. Therefore to clean out the decay of this pulp and prevent it from further damage, the root canal is the cure. 

What causes Root Canals?

What causes Root Canals
  • Diseases in the oral cavity may cause a root canal. These diseases can occur due to an untreated bacterial tooth, penetrated decays, frequent dental treatments on a tooth, and faulty crowns.
  • Decay in the tooth is another reason to cause a root canal. It happens when the decay enters through the multiple layers of the tooth and cause pain to the nerves.
  • Damage to the tooth can also be the cause of the root canal. You can assure it if you experience any cracks or chips in your tooth, which will produce pain. 

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Not sure about getting done root canal? The following are the symptoms for getting the root canal done.

  • One of the most common symptoms is the pain in the tooth arising while you chew food or even put slightest of pressure in that area.
  • Sensitivity is another issue. Feeling extreme sensation when intaking something hot or cold can be an indication.
  • Some people also face symptom like a small pimple-like bump which emerges on the gums, just where the tooth hurts.
  • Your gums may become quite fragile to bear spices and hot and cold sensations. The gums might even swell.
  • The darkening of the tooth is another indication.
  • The infected tooth can also ooze pus from its surrounding.
  • Some people also suffer facial swelling right above the infected tooth.

Get treatment done right!

In the procedure of root canal, the aim is to replace or remove the damaged pulp and decay. It requires multiple steps and sitting since the delicate pulp is to be removed and sealed back to protect from future pain and infection.

How can Kariong Dental Care help you?

Kariong Dental Care

Since people are anxious about the pain from the root canal, we at Kariong Dental Care offer Twilight Sedation (involving four sedation and anesthesia to induce sleep). This Sleep Dentistry helps in reducing the pain, and the patient experiences pleasant treatment. If you are looking for dentist Gosford, Kariong is the best option for you!

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