Purpose of COVID-19 Testing


COVID-19 Testing

Corona virus infection gets determined easily with the virus test and antibody testing on the basis of the immune response of the patient. Antibody will be able to detect the infection after 10 days of exposure when the antibodies develop completely. On another flip, virus test works excellently for the initial 7 days of getting infected or after observing potential symptoms.

While antibody testing helps in monitoring the transmission of this virus amongst the population, on the other hand virus test helps in diagnosis. Virus test looks for the genetic material (nucleic acid) in the virus also referred as RT-PCR test. Every sort of COVID-19 test is useful in varied ways to support different circumstances.

Testing at the time of infection

Swab sample from the throat or nose can be taken to detect the Corona virus even before observing any of its potential symptoms. This is the reason people are highly infectious and contagious during the initial 5 days of getting infected. Although they don’t observe any symptoms yet can transfer the virus to others and get positive test report.

Over time the intensity of the infection gets reduced and the symptoms start receding on their own. It happens due to the development of antibodies. The test which is both specific and sensitive can be referred as accurate.
Sensitive test can deliver positive report for a large proportion of infected people alleviating the chance of false negative. On the other hand, specific result delivers such proportion of negative report eradicating the rate of false positives.

Virus test

This test is really helpful for confirming whether the person is actually infected or not! It is only used for checking the active infection which gets cleared on its own by improved immune system. PCR swab test delivers accurate positive test report and is specific as well. But it fails to detect the virus in its early stage as antibody has not developed yet which makes it less sensitive.

Even there is a chance of false negative if less amount of sample is collected from throat or nose at the same time. The report can be offered within an hour yet it needs to be analysed in the laboratory the key reason of delayed result. The person who experience symptoms can obtain essential medical attention and care by undergoing virus test.

Accordingly, the person can get into self-isolation and follow other health measures so that it doesn’t get transmitted to others around the individual. Hospitalisation can be arranged as well in case the situation gets worse and the patient needs immediate medical attention. Rapid RT-PCR test is the only way for monitoring the transmission of the virus in the population of the country.

Antibody test

Antibody test is helpful for detecting infections once the immune system generated antibodies while responding to the virus. Basically, it needs 7-10 days to develop antibodies after getting subjected to this virus. On the other hand, the focus is on developing substantial yet accurate antibody testing to detect COVID-19 infection.

But for identification of past exposure and development of immunity, the new test has to meet 3 criteria. If the person fails to develop adequate amount of antibody then it will turn out to be insensitive. As a result, it can offer false-negative results. Then, the test must be specific so that it can deliver accurate positive test report by eradicating the chance of false positive.

If the infection was irregular then there is a high chance of getting it insensitive. This virus put out the health workers at high risk of getting infected. But this test is surely going to help the doctors for checking that the person becomes immune to further viral infection especially of this type.

Protective immunity and antibody are interlinked with each other to combat against numerous viral infections. As per medical expert it is regarded that this immunity will wane over time and people will not be able to cope up with new strains of new Corona virus.

Whenever you are suspecting an infection it is better to get tested! Find out a clinic which offers PCR swab test in London at a competitive price to schedule an appointment and perform the test for confirmation.

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