Prerequisites To Consider Before Developing An On-demand Courier Delivery App


Prerequisites for Courier Delivery App

It would be easy to have a courier service like Uber without asking anyone but processing through an app. This app is reachable at any time. The Uber for Couriers app is designed to help entrepreneurs launch their courier services for delivery at their preferred location quickly.

We will walk you through the whole idea of developing an on-demand app for Courier services like Uber.

What Exactly Is Uber For Couriers App?

The on-demand logistic apps like Uber for couriers serve to deliver packages that arrive at a local courier collection center through various means of transportation either by road, rail, or air. This is then returned to the given addresses with the assistance of a group of the delivery personnel.

The entire process from collecting the courier to its delivery is accomplished in the shortest time possible.

The growth of on-demand logistics apps has had an immense rise in recent years. The courier delivery business is vast, extensive, and dynamic. Studies have revealed that people are ready to pay extra for immediate or same-day delivery. 

So, the courier delivery app development is greatly evolved for logistics businesses. As everyone moves towards the digital world, real-time tracking of parcels, monitoring, etc. has become the norm.

Essential Features Of A Courier App

The Uber for courier solution must be unique with separate apps for shippers and drivers and should be designed and developed in a way that allows delivery of couriers without any hassle.

  • Shippers can enable drivers to collect payments. They can hand over the cash after the delivery.
  • The user is paying the delivery fee.
  • Enable receivers to get a link to confirm the shipment.
  • The link helps receivers track the delivery timing. Shippers can also track the delivery in real-time.
  • Integrate the payment options.

Demand For Online Courier App

Online shopping and ecommerce are booming, and at times like this, it is time to face the challenges of fast deliveries with a full courier delivery service.

The on-demand courier app enables budding entrepreneurs & startups to build a robust app that provides quick courier services to any geographical location worldwide.

The advent of on-demand applications has redefined customer convenience. The evolution that started from Uber has now spread to different industries, including courier services.

Vital Elements that can have a massive impact

Selecting A Business Model

Choose the most suitable business model and choose whether you’ll be going for a postal service app or an on-demand parcel delivery app.

To be clear, you must consider several factors like your audience, resources available, and so on.

  • Be Clear With Your Business Goals

Developing a mobile app for on-demand courier service is more important than the standard delivery services. Try understanding the requirements of your business model. It would be best if you also considered various factors, such as the location for delivery.

Ask the following questions and try getting the answers.

  • Will it only be functional in one city, a whole country, or worldwide?
  • What will be the delivery type?
  • What will be the average parcel weight and type you’ll opt for?

Answer these questions, and you will have a direct impact on the scope and functionality.

  • Identify the correct scope of features.

After completing all the theoretical research, start working on the implementing part of your concept.

You can start by prioritizing. The scope of your app can vary subject to your specifications and business models.

However, there are fundamentals and must-have features in courier & parcel delivery applications.

Features to integrate into the On-demand courier app

  • Chats for admin

This feature lets the admin chat with users and the delivery guy to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

This feature helps in maintaining a proper communication with delivery persons and customers.

  • Premium delivery

This feature enables the user to demand faster delivery. For that, the user has to pay an extra amount than that of standard delivery.

  • Packaging options

This enables users to request packaging. The user’s package is carefully wrapped to prevent any damage while shipping. The charges of the packaging vary based on its size.

  • A Real-Time GPS Tracker

One of the main features of courier delivery apps is tracking their order through real-time GPS tracking options. It helps delivery personnel to track the user’s location to deliver the package on time. Users can also easily track the status and whereabouts of the delivery person.

This tracking feature plays a significant role in enhancing customer satisfaction. Similarly, it also helps the admin to connect with the nearest driver available for delivering the package.

Moreover, it supports multiple routes that allow the user to add multiple addresses to the list.

This feature also helps the shippers choose the delivery address with accuracy.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications allow users to receive the live status of their delivery right from the app.

Not only this, but the users also receive the contact details of the driver and the shipper through push notifications.

Push notifications are essential means of communication. It is used to inform customers about various offers and promos, playing a vital role in customer retention.

  • ­­Offers

Providing rewards and offers is a smart way to attract your customers along with advertising your services.

It makes your customer feel special and hence increases customer loyalty.

  • Payment gateway

The payment gateway is another crucial feature that cannot be avoided to add to your on-demand courier delivery app.

Payment gateways like credit/debit cards, bank transfer should be integrated with the on-demand courier application like Uber.

Besides, with this feature, the users also receive a digital receipt of the bill with all the essential details like the time & date of delivery, order ID, shipment charges, etc.

  • Ratings and reviews

This feature enables the customer to rate the service and write a review based on their experience.

App Development Technique

Now that you have decided on the business model and main features, it’s time to start developing your courier delivery app.

The development of your on-demand courier delivery app would include the User Interface design, back-end set up, and testing. Do not hesitate to hire and invest in developing mobile apps by finding an experienced technology provider who will be taking care of your entire mobile application development process.


Thus building the immense Uber-like apps has enabled you to assemble a list of services that will help you take your app like Uber for courier service off the ground in no time.

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