The Most Popular Mods of Casio G Shock Watch You Must Know


Casio G Shock Watch

The Casio g shock watches are still one of the most searched watches all over the world because of its easy pick-up, economical price and highest dependability and strength. Casio g shock watches are known for its versatile designs and unmatched durability. The best online watch store has splendid watches from Casio and other brands as well.

Time and again, some people like to Buy Casio G Shock Online to boost their uniqueness and class. If you have a g shock and you want to make it stand out from others, here are some of the mods you can try:

Invertor Change the Colours

If you open up your g shock, you will notice the polarized film over the display. If you rotate that film by 90 degrees, the display will be inverted. The standard display has numbers and letters in the dark while the background is lighter. The inverted display has a darker background, while the letters and digits are in a lighter colour. How cool is that?

casio g stock colour

And that’s not it. You can also replace the polarized film with a coloured film, to add colours to the display. Moreover, you can be more creative by cutting and joining several coloured, polarized films together to make an excellent multicoloured display.

DIY G Shock Strap

G shock watches often come in limited editions from time to time such as the g shock frogman model. These limited-edition watches are rare collectables and usually price at thousands of pounds. But there is an excellent DIY hack for that.

The frogman edition can be easily recreated at home. You need to remove the strap from the watch and put in boiling water in which you can add the dye of your choice. Boil the strap for a few minutes, and your special edition watch is ready at the cost of the regular watch.

This hack can save you thousands of pounds. After all, the dyed watch looks the same as that particular edition. Make sure you dye a transparent strap, as this hack would not work on black straps.

Revitalize Your G Shock

Bored with the look of your watch or want to clean the watch? Well, the hack I am going to tell you will rejuvenate the look of your g shock. Use a nail polish remover or a paint remover to remove all the paint from the dial as well as the strap, and it would provide a two-fold benefit. Firstly, it will give your watch a fresh look and secondly, it would clean off all the dirt the watch has caught up.

The watch, with all of its finish removed, looks incredibly unique and classy. It also gives a nice stealth appearance to the watch. This hack is one of the coolest hacks, to make your watch look like brand new fresh from the store.

Militarize Your Casio g shock watches

Militarize Your Casio g shock watches

You can replace the straps of your g shock with military straps such as NATO or ZULU to give it a military watch appearance. These straps look great and also are more comfortable.

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