Myths and Facts about Coffee and Erectile Dysfunction

Coffee and Erectile Dysfunction

Caffeine has recently been much discussed as it is being believed that regular coffee intake has some connection with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). But, is it fact or just another myth?

It is no doubt that morning caffeine is a quick-start energy dose for a person. But, can it be helpful for one’s erection is the real question.

Well, there are some findings and studies that stated around 71% men who intake coffee regularly experienced better erections than those who do not.

So, how does it happen? How does caffeine work for one’s erection? Just keep on reading, we got you a reasonable answer.

What is ED?

What is ED
What is ED

Before we put our focus on how caffeine could improve male erection, let’s first know how a man develop such sexual condition and what might be the connection between ED and coffee. So,

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) also known as male impotence is a common sexual disorder in men which is more likely to develop throughout aging as male arterial health lowers. With aging, arteries tend to build plaque that narrows penile vessels indeed: it, as a result, reduces blood flow to penile tissues (corpus cavernosa) and eventually affect male erection. Commonly, ED is treated with FDA approved and doctor suggested Sidlenafiland/or its alternative drugs. ED drugs work by dilating penile arteries and improve blood flow to drive healthy erection.

Moreover, in young men, erection issues may also occur due to emotional conditions: but that condition is momentary and improves on its own.

What are common ED causes?

common ED causes
common ED causes

Though emotionally-induced ED can be improved gradually on its own or by making some lifestyle changes, physical ED is usually the mountain ahead of a man’s sex life. Here are some common physical ED causes that include:

  • Atherosclerosis (clogged blood arteries)
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Low testosterone, and
  • Nerve or spinal cord injuries

All these physical causes are usually the reason behind 95% of men with erectile dysfunction. Though these ED factors could be treated with ED medicines like Viagra (sildenafil) or usually with its longer lasting alternative dose, generic Cialis 60 mg. But, if you wonder how caffeine or coffee could help in this regard, below is how:

Coffee and ED: what is the link?

Some studies have interlinked coffee and ED in sense that caffeine in coffee can work to uplift mood and help with sexual stimulation. Indeed, there is a recent study which included group of 40 men with ED: 20 were given coffee for 2 weeks and the other 20 were given nothing. The results showed that 17 out of 20 men from group 1 experienced improvement in their erection.

Also, health experts have mentioned that coffee could help dilate contracted blood arteries due to the overlying ED causes or throughout aging– to eventually help have better erections. So yes, at some level, coffee could be helpful in some way to support better erections upon healthy stimulation.

How can Caffeine really help?

As it is not confirmed or backed by science that caffeine has a positive impact on blood flow, it can be said that maybe in that way. But, caffeine intake may help with erection in a way by uplifting the mood and support sexual stimulation.

Though, it is possible that it may give an ultimate push to an erection: As many athletes and body builders also use it as pre-workout and found it an effective alternative for pre-workout boost. Daily coffee is indeed helpful to get you that mood swing you need for arousal and to keep you up with erection.

If you are looking for natural solutions:

Nobody wants to run after prescription medications before some effective natural ED treatment option– because prescription medicines have some side effects, but do not have any. Here are some natural ways that are found effective to support male erection:

De-stress yourself: psychological ED is often developed due to stress and anxieties we have. While you are experiencing a sudden stimulation problem, it may be due to stress– so just de-stress yourself. There is a thumb rule about male sexual health, the better your stimulation is, better your erection be.

Get healthy habits: Our food choices and physical activeness has a huge impact on our overall health and how we look. Just starting with a clean and nutritious diet with exercising along with little yoga and meditation could bring a big difference.

Avoid smoking and alcohol: Studies have found that smoking and alcohol consumption damages blood arteries and also affect ‘happy hormones’, resulting in poor erections. Just change it or limit to moderate or occasional.


Yes, coffee can be helpful at some level to support male erection– but it cannot be considered a proper working treatment to ED. There are medications and lifestyle changes that are usually effective for the same. Hope this post helped!

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