Mangmoo Web Guest Post

Mangmoo Web Guest Post

For guest posting On Mangmoo Web, please meet our following requirements

The article must be 100% unique and SEO optimized article, must have 1 copyrighted free post feature image size must be at least 1280 X 830. The article should be > 800 words

Important please send focus keywords and meta description too.

Mangmoo Web On-page SEO Condition

On Page SEO - Mangmoo Web

1) Focus Keyword must be included in the post title
2) Focus Keyword density must be 1-2%
3) Focus Keyword must be in the starting paragraph of the article
4) Rank Math SEO Score must be >70%


1) only 1 do-follow links
2) 4-6 images allow
3) >800 words allow

Note: Admin reserved rights to reject any article which didn’t meet any of the condition.

Mangmoo Web also offers author account with the following conditions and guest post on our website please fill our contact us form.

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