Mangmoo Web Author Terms and Conditions

  1. The article must be > 800 words
  2. No Copyright images from google and other websites.
  3. The article should be 100% unique. checked by Search Engine and  Small SEO Tools
  4. No backlinks from > 5% spam score.
  5. For article writing please use only block editor.
  6. For 1000 words there must be 3 images and for 800 words there must be 2 images.
  7. The Featured image must be set image size should be 1280X860.
  8. More than 2 links are not allowed in the article
  9. Focus keywords must be entered into the RankMath option.
  10. Rank Math must be > 70.
  11. You are not allowed to make changes into website settings other than passwords and email.
  12. You are not allowed to make changes to other posts then your Post.
  13. Paid and bot traffic is not allowed
  14. More than 3 times link sharing on social media is not allowed.
  15. Only one article per day is allowed.
  16. Invalid click to an ad on the website is not allowed
  17. Admin has the rights to block your account anytime.
  18. Admin can changes terms and condition with notification via email
  19. You are responsible for the usage of your account.
  20. Violation of any terms may result in the removal of articles and account