How to increase your brand awareness using social media

Brand Awareness Via Social Media

Don’t know where to find fresh ideas for your social media? And you start to wonder if this is worth your time and effort?

In fact, it is important to create high-quality content that will grab the attention of users and, above all, keep them informed. 86% of social media users want and follow brands. But they are most often looking for relevant content, and not another ad post from the company. In addition, according to the latest statistics for 2020, 71% of consumers with a good experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to others.

That’s why we’ve put together some good content creation ideas to bring you up to speed on popular social media trends. And remember to be honest, open and maintain your brand uniqueness, because 34% of people think lack of personality is just as bad as boring content.

So let’s start with the benefits of social media marketing.

Benefits of social media for brands

social media - brand awareness
social media – brand awareness
  • Brand Building: In 2020, brand awareness and uniqueness are vital characteristics, and social media is a great place to keep in touch with customers. You will be able to tell your audience about the identity of your brand, values, and find out what you have in common.
  • Establishing communication. Social media allows you to communicate directly with your customers and empowers them to interact with your brand. Make sure you are actively involved and willing to comment and answer questions in your social media posts.
  • Content promotion. Posting content on social media will give you a great opportunity to establish yourself as an expert and grow your audience. With likes, comments, and sharing, new people can learn about your brand and visit your page. Follower recommendations perform better than any ad. Thus, your content can go viral.
  • Increased traffic and lead generation. Posting content from your blog or website to social media will help you attract readers as soon as you publish a fresh article or create a new landing page. This will increase your traffic and generate new leads.

Are these the goals you want to achieve with your social media marketing? If so, let’s move on to the types of content that will help you improve your marketing.


video - brand awareness
video – brand awareness

Video continues to be one of the most important social media trends. Video is projected to account for 82 percent of all internet traffic in 2020. Posting videos on social media is the perfect strategy to grab your audience’s attention.

Just don’t forget the basic tips and tricks for creating engaging social media videos: keep them short and sweet, upload videos to your feed whenever possible, and remember to keep them fun.

Interactive Publishing

If you are looking for good ideas for your social media posts and strive to maintain consistency, then interactive publishing is exactly what you need.

To make such documents work to their fullest, you can add your company logo, your own background and your own color palette to perfectly match your company’s style. This way, your content will always look professional on any device and help you stand out from the crowd.

In addition, you can also create a Wikipedia profile and a page about your business or brand in order to gain more online presence and recognition.


GIFs are nothing new, but they are still one of the best types of media to grab the attention of your subscribers. They are simple, but they stand out, so they increase content interactivity and user engagement.

When you use GIFs on social media, it allows your customers to interact with your brand on a more personal and informal level. After all, we are all people who like to laugh and have fun from time to time

Blog Posts and Articles

blog posts - brand awareness
blog posts – brand awareness

Publishing your articles on social media seems mundane, but it really works, so keep going! This gives you many options to reach a wider audience. Moreover, you will be recognized as an expert in your field.

Plan a series of posts to promote your article and talk about the various topics you cover on your blog. This will give people a better chance of stumbling upon your newsfeed articles and reading them. Alternatively, you can make custom infographics for this type of promotion.

User Generated Content

If you have customers, users or perhaps even fans of your products and services who post about them on social media or use them to create your own content, you can contact and arrange to publish their content in your account. This is a good way to increase your brand awareness and at the same time show appreciation to your customers.

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