How To Use Instagram Stories Like An Influencer


Instagram Stories Uses 8 Secret Ways Unlocked

Instagram is a trending social media network for all business marketers. Share your own thoughts and ideas about your brands and give comments and suggestions about your followers’ brand on Instagram. Basically, social media connects people to build a strong relationship; here, you can discuss through posts else’s direct messages to follow you. Instagram provides many features to business marketers; Here, the Instagram story is wonderful for all. Upcoming points will tell you how to use Instagram stories like an Influencer to promote your brand. 

What Is An Instagram Story First? 

Nowadays, People get crazy telling stories visually on social media; Social media is becoming popular with teenagers because they share their funny moments for entertainment. You were posting their moment via photos, short video clips, stickers, text, and other effects on Instagram stories. You can upload more stories, but it will disappear automatically for the next 24 hours, or it will appear until you delete it. Each story segment is recorded in 15 seconds, and you can post both dimensions ( vertical, horizontal). Instagram provides a valuable feature that is to highlight options; highlights will save your hard work. Here, keep your old or popular stories for those who visit for the first time. 

Why are Instagram Stories The Best? 

More than 300 million daily active users use stories because Instagram stories build authenticity when making visual content. To get brand awareness and visibility, using IG stories to update your brand details. Interact with people to get customers’ engagement via stories and promote your products into story feeds. Show your real-time efforts to the audience. Instagram Influencers will show their perfection through short videos, photos, text on stories, emojis.; they can engage with followers who follow your Instagram account. Let us see some tactics to use IG stories.

Secret #1: Add Locations

Add Location - Instagram Stories
Add Location – Instagram Stories

Use a location sticker to add your locations. Increase your engagement rate when you add your business location to your story posts. If you share your business events on the story with the venue, you can drive your followers to those places. Using GPS to tag locations to intimate your fans can attract customers with minimum efforts to get more engagement. Geolocation is gathering your location from a mobile device that helps to tag your content, and you can add one location per post. Instagram provides an edit option to edit your location if you want. 

Secret #2: Behind-the-scenes On Stories

Behind-the-scenes videos are an amazing tool to engage in connecting with your targeted audience. Instagram story is a visual platform, so share behind-the-scenes about your brands or products. For example,

Behind the scenes – Instagram Stories
  • You can interview any famous person to find what inspired them
  • Cooking videos by chef
  • Shoot factory videos to show raw materials 
  • Any company’s CEO speaking videos about their companies

Boost your brand with those types of videos and post your quality content with behind-the-scenes videos to attract new audiences on Instagram. Those kinds of videos help to know who visits for the first time for your Instagram profiles. You can post a continuation segment if you have long videos. Four types of behind-the-scenes content; there are: 

  1. Team building content
  2. Progress content
  3. Funny content
  4. Personal content

Secret #3: Promote your blog post

To get more traffic, promote your blog post into Instagram stories. Take a screenshot of your blog posts, add an attractive caption and use relevant hashtags to post. This feature works well when you have 10000 followers on Instagram. Few smart ways to promote your blog posts on Instagram stories; there are:

  • Share your blog posts on IG stories
  • Network with other bloggers to expand the reach
  • Use photos and videos to promote your blog posts on stories
  • Write a perfect caption that drives traffic to blog posts
  • Turn you Instagram followers into blog traffic
  • Add your blog posts link to your bio section 
  • Create content about your blog with the link

Secret #4: Post Product Demo Videos On Stories

Product Demo Videos On Instagram Stories
Product Demo Videos On Instagram Stories

If you want to promote your product or brand to high, share your brand’s demo videos on the story. Demo videos are helpful to learn how to use your products, and service videos are helpful to them if they have any troubles. Let us see few steps to create demo videos:

  • Identify your goals
  • Determine your targeted audience
  • Set a budget to your demo videos
  • Make a structure of your videos
  • Select the animation effects
  • Write a script
  • Make a marketing plan about your demo script

More than 72 percent of people use videos to learn about brands/products. You can make different kinds of demo videos, use the above points to make it. 

Secret #5: Host contest

A contest is a smart way to drive more engagement and create a curiosity to participate in your contest. Give some offers to attract them like if you win, you will get 10 percent off. Create a post about your upcoming contest to be intimate with them before you do it.

Instagram Stories - contests
Instagram Stories – contests

This content includes your instructions about contests, time limits, or making videos to show your real face in front of people. At the end of the contest, ask questions about it, then you can get direct feedback from the audience. Give offers to those who won your game that creates an authenticity about your industry. Of course, you can increase your followers from the audience. 

Secret #6: Post your live events

Show your personality & real face via live videos, so first announce your upcoming videos and tell them that you can learn from it. The audience can do like or write comments while watching live videos. In the middle of the videos, ask some questions about your event in this method to get more engaged. Instagram Live replay feature helps those who missed your live or want to watch again; it increases your impression count. Shoot your live videos in a vertical dimension and add the right location with caption & relevant hashtags. Live video background should attract your viewers, and that makes an authenticity where you are. 

Secret #7: Reply to your followers’ questions

It is one of your great responsibilities; you should write a quick reply to your followers’ query to impress them. Use Instagram stories to raise your question and use question stickers. Create a poll to ask what they expect. And if your industry has any requirements or any celebrities, use stories to ask in front of followers. But remember one thing that stories are 15 second limited time, so your message must be sharp and short. 

Secret #8: Share your tips and tag your friends

Finally, If you are an Influencer, Use IG stories to share your golden tips to followers to become an Influencer. Stories allow you to tag your fans, families, friends, and brands; use @ symbol to mention who you want to tag. You can engage in who you expect. 


Show your creativity through Instagram stories; it works well when you add fun and humor in your posts. We hope the above secret ways help you to learn how to use IG stories like an Influencer. Utilize the story features to develop your brand’s success.

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