How to upload new theme in


How to upload new theme in

Blogger is a free blogging service owned by Google Inc. Blogger provides limited features as compared to WordPress but in some reasons Blogger is better than WordPress like in 2015 Google AdSense had shut down huge amount of accounts in Pakistan and when I personally talk with some of them they all said that we had hosting on WordPress, according to my reports 90% WordPress accounts were shut down and only a few of accounts were banned. supports XML versions of templates and files while on the other hand, WordPress supports PHP templates.

So today we are discussing how to change or upload the new theme in our blog

follow these all steps to upload the new theme in blogger.
Remember that blogger only supports XML files, if you are trying to upload any other type of files like PHP or any other than it will fail to upload just search for XML templates in Google.
I suggest you search for gooyabi templates if you have money than buy premium templates if you don’t have money than no problem just go for free download theme of your choice and follow the procedure to upload the new theme.

1) First, we should need to save or previous templates which is already running with your blog in case of any error in the template or you may not like templates than you can reactivate your previous theme.
Go to and select your blog after selection of your blog you will find an option of  ‘Theme’, Open that option.

2) Now there are two methods to upload themes, the first one is copying all text of XML and pasting it on Edit Html section. and the second is by uploading Theme in blogger. First, if you want to upload by copy paste then copy your all XML text of template and go to Theme and then click on Edit HTML and then paste it here.

Blogger theme setting html Edit

3) The second is by default uploading, first, go to go to Theme, On the top of the top right side you will see the option of backup/restore.

Blogger back and restore

click on that option, first download the backup of your theme with all data 

Blogger all data backup and restore

Now click on choose file, Choose a file from the computer and then click on upload for uploading the new theme. 

Blogger upload theme from PC

So I hope this method will works for you if not so please share your reviews below Mangastream and Jaimini’s Box alternative


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