How to Recharge online Zong Number by Payoneer MasterCard


How to Recharge online Zong Number by Payoneer MasterCard

Payoneer is an American Payment transfer and receiving company headquartered in USA Payoneer is founded in 2005, By using Payoneer you can send or request unlimited funds from anywhere in the world.
Payoneer Gives you $25 free when you sign up for Account, Your Application may be approved or also maybe not, but the more chances are to be approved if you use all valid details.

You will need to provide your Govt. issue CNIC or another identity to verify your self.

Payoneer will give you $25 at that time when your application will be approved and you already receive first $100 in your account then you will get $25 free from Payoneer,

Payoneer gives you free Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Card to your doorstep shipping is also free, and you don’t need to use DHL, or other courier services because in Pakistan it takes not more than 5 days to deliver your card, I had received my card in just 4 days.

Zong CMPAK is a Pakistani Mobile network operator, Serving more than 2Million costumers, Recently Zong was the first 4G Operator in Pakistan but now All mobile operators in Pakistan are 4G Network Operators,

Zong CMPAK gives you the ability to recharge at any time anywhere, you just need your Payoneer MasterCard Card. and funds,

Just type Zong online recharge in Google, then click on Zong official Website and then enter your all details your name your address your city, your number please check your number 3 to 4 times before submitting, after you submit your number you will receive a message from Zong which look like this 

Now it’s time for payment so just enter your Payoneer MasterCard Card details CVC Expiration date Card number and then pay, and then you will receive your Recharge in just some seconds,

Please note:-“if you receive a message from Zong that your order is successfully processed.

It’s mean your number will be recharged from Zong but if you receive a message from Zong that your order was not processed and unsuccessful then it’s mean that your card has no funds or your card is blocked or temporarily banned for any transaction.

You can also Give a surprise to your friends by online recharge just enter that friend number and pay and tell him and you recharge his or her just now.

Zong online recharge is available 24hours a day even at night or morning recharge your number at any time with Zong Online recharge.


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