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We all know that Google is the largest search engine on the whole internet, there are many other search engines like, and Yahoo etc but most people want to rank their websites on Google because Google is the largest search engine in the world. Google offers free blogging services which is formerly known as Also, there are many other companies which provide blogging services like WordPress, and much more

Everyone wants his website ranked on

Today I will share some of the tips which you can use to Rank your Blog on Google Search Engine but this article is only for users.

Here are some tips you can use to rank your blog on Google

First, you need to enter the description of your site in the description area by Going to Setting and then in Basic Below the title of your blog you will see the area where you can briefly write about your blog.

Blogger Description

Now below the description you see privacy tab in front of privacy you will see the option of edit click on this option and the first question is add your blog to our Listing Just select yes, the second question is “Let search engines find your blog?” Select Yes and then click on Save.

Blog listing

Now again click on setting and then find Search preferences, and open it 

Blogger Search Preferences

A new page open with too many options, First you see Meta Tags below Meta Tags you need to set description of your blog for ranking because this description helps users to find your blog easily in Google search. write the description of your blog like for example your blog is about News or your are proving Games etc then write in the description you can use a comma to separate two words.

Blog Meta Description

Below Description you will see the option of error and redirections just leave it if you want to set your custom error notification then in front of Custom Page Not Found you will see the option of edit click on edit and set your custom error redirection message.

Now you will see the option of crawlers and indexing this is the most important step, First, we need to link with Google webmaster and generate Robot.txt from the webmaster.

Blogger Crawlers and Indexing

Submit your Robot.txt by clicking on edit which is in front of Custom robots.txt.

Blogger Custom Robot.txt

Now we need to set Custom robots header tags, Please remember that incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines.

Blogger Custom robots header tags

You need to Submit your blog to Google Webmaster tools to get more details about your site, Submit Sitemap and atom in webmasters then they will automatically index every new post which you publish on your site.

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