How to Makeover Your Fridge: Gadget of Kitchen

Makeover Your Fridge

Kitchen for most of us is one of the most used and lively places in our house. Whether we cook for ourselves or our family or do lots of baking, it is a place where happy memories are made, because food is important. One of the best things about a kitchen is its fridge. Even for people who don’t cook, the refrigerator is crucial because it holds all your food, snacks, beverages, desserts, and more.

It is like a magical lamp, and if you rub it, you will get all your food wishes. Therefore, it is ever so important to keep it organized, clean, and systematic. We often complain that our fridge has no space, and we have to stop buying so many things. But the reality most of the time is that we are not keeping the fridge organized. We randomly fill it with things which makes it full and messy.

Thus, in this blog, we will discuss special tips and tricks that most home organizing companies swear by to give makeover of your fridge. And not just from the inside. We will ensure that we have a tip or two to make the fridge livelier from the outside too.

Organization Hacks

Reusable Silicone Storage Bags

Silicone Storage Bags - Makeover Your Fridge
Silicone Storage Bags – Makeover Your Fridge

We all have leftover foods. If you want to save space of numerous Tupperware boxes, use reusable silicone storage bags. They take less space and keep your food fresh too.

Pull Out Storage Boxes

We all have trouble fitting all the groceries in our fridge, isn’t it? Well, now it is a bit easier with these pull-out storage boxes. These shelves you will find on Amazon or in Ikea, they come assembled. So, put your fruits and veggies in it and pull out whenever you need them.

Adjustable Dividers

Usually, people use these dividers for their draws. But they work perfectly well with the fridge too. It will help you create zones so that your condiments don’t mix with your dairy and so on. Even you can stack different types of meats in the fridge without mixing them up in the bottom shelf using these dividers.

Lazy Susan

The lazy susan turntable is amazing and must be in every fridge. A lot of times, we have spreads or condiments that we forget to use after placing them inside. When we do remember them, they are either stale or expired. With this, you can spin the table to find everything in front of your eyes.

Make use of clear storage

Storage Boxes - Makeover Your Fridge
Storage Boxes – Makeover Your Fridge

We tend to put leftovers or even food items in a plastic container and push it down the fridge. It makes it hard to figure out what you have and what you don’t. The best way to deal with this is to use clear and transparent glass or plastic storage. It will lay out everything you have in front of your eyes, so nothing goes to waste.

Decorating Hacks

Use Magnets

If you love travelling and buying souvenirs from there, you must have a lot of magnets. If not, you can always buy them. They make for staggering decorative pieces for your fridge. Also, you can print a magnetic photo of your family or so on and stick it to the fridge.

Mini Posters

To makeover your fridge, create mini-posters of anything that you like. It can be a quote or a film poster or so on. Then paste it on your fridge to always inspire you as it is one of the places you go to a lot.

Renew the Handles

Fridge handles - Makeover Your Fridge
Fridge handles – Makeover Your Fridge

A lot of times we find that the door handles of the fridge are stained or scratched. It is fixable, don’t worry. All you need to do is find some replacement new handles, and you will be A-okay.

Chalkboard Paint

How cool will it be to turn your fridge into an art area? The kids can doodle there, and you can write notes about things that you need or so on. Use chalkboard paint to put up a layer of paint which gives you the liberty to write anything.

Change the Colour of the Fridge

With new technologies coming up, you can find numerous ways to make your fridge a bit livelier! Yes, now there are paints that you can use to change the colour of the refrigerator to anything you desire- from a bright yellow to a soothing blue, anything to makeover your fridge.

Change Colour - Makeover Your Fridge Cover
Change Colour – Makeover Your Fridge Cover

Sticky Black Plastic

The sticky black plastic thing now comes in pattern design which is perfect for your fridge. It will make it stand out, and honestly, our fridge deserves some love.

We are what we eat, and your fridge can help a lot in it. Keep it full of stocks that you want to eat and are good for your health in a systematic way. That not just ensures that you eat healthy, but makes sure that you use all condiments, food, and so on before they become inedible.

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