How To Get More Instagram Followers on Your Account

Instagram Followers

Instagram is not what it used to be before, and it is definitely not easy getting the followers to the account. With more than 1 billion monthly users on the platform, it is a very competitive place to thrive and grow. 

However, the social media platform has its own perks and it is one place where you can actually stand out if you do something unique. You need to work smarter here rather than harder over here. 

Without much delay, let us simply dig in how on how to get more followers on your Instagram account. 

Hashtags are still Essential

Instagram Followers - Hashtags
Instagram Followers – Hashtags

Do not dismiss this old technique of being noticed and though this is cliché, it is very significant. Hashtags while posting a video or a photo is still relevant. Therefore, if you are a content creator or a small business who is still upcoming or growing, you need to broaden your horizon. 

The only way to do that is when you can reach a wider audience. This will lead to increased engagement and also the visibility of your post.

 So, how does this work? This happens when you use a certain amount of relevant and trending hashtags related to your field and then when people search for that hashtag, your post automatically appears in the hashtags they have searched. 

Want to know the stats? There is a rise of almost 12% engagement when you use hashtags in your posts. Also, it is one of the easiest ways to be found and increase followers on your profile.

Stick to a theme

When you create a theme for your feed, it is easy to notice you. People will recognize your talent and may visit your page from time to time. Write down a few ways on how you want to be depicted and you make your account look exactly that. You need to create a theme for your account and ingrain in the users’ minds so much that when they see a similar theme somewhere, they will believe it is yours. 

Run A Giveaway Contest

Giveaway Contest - Instagram Followers

While you are at it to grow your account, you can try to run a giveaway contest. Ask your present followers to tag as many friends they can and follow you and then you can invite them to post their own images using your hashtags. You can throw a fun challenge and even collaborate with other content creators on Instagram to collaborate with them. 

Use the power of Instagram stories

If you still do not know, Instagram stores can reach 400 million users daily! Tap in this potential because users prefer watching stories rather than scrolling through posts. You can get creative with your stories, as the attention span is incredibly low. Use GIFs, animations, and CTA captions in your stories. Show some intricate details of your content creator’s life and if possible do a Q&A Session. 

Once you have posted, encourage your followers to take action

They need to click on the CTA signs in your post or simply take action such as you suggested in the posted. You have to encourage them to like your picture if they agree with your view on the picture. Make it seem natural but in reality, you are asking them to take action on your post. You can post some phrases like “hit like, if you agree” or “double tap if you agree” etc. Just put the idea out there and leave it to the users to take action. 

Choose Premium Services To Fasttrack the whole process. 

If you want to cut to the chase and apply all the tactics with a larger set of audience, how would that fare? Choose to buy real Instagram followers with the help of real authentic sellers like Sapiyo. 

They know how to handle these situations because it can help you grow your channel. It is the number one place to buy any kind of Instagram engagement but mainly, the methods they use to bring in Instagram followers are legitimate. To be simple, trust from those accounts like Sapiyo who do real, genuine, and honest work. They have helped different accounts get over 32M followers and it is not a public gimmick. Apart from that, try to be real and engaging while having this instant followers growth. This can help your account and brand a great boost. 


Build your content that is relatable to context, and you need to ensure that these two should not exist without one another. Create content that is relatable and is reaching the right target audience. Marketing your content in such a way, that you will be able to reach your users and make them interested in your account. Use all kinds of Instagram features like videos or IGTV features. It is making its mark this year and is going to be here for a long time to come.  

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