How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers & Likes?


YouTube Subscribers & Likes

If you wish to tell people about your talent through YouTube videos, then you can go right ahead and post more videos. However, you need to understand that every video you make should be rightly optimized to be ranked higher. 

Are video likes important for ranking high and to get free YouTube subscribers? Let us find out. 

Frankly, the more hits you get, the more money can flow and the more money you can make from YouTube. If you are liking someone’s video, it indexes higher, and then it gets some more hits. Thus, when you are making a YouTube video that is put on a playlist on the channel. Apart from that, it can also put you on the map where everyone in the feed gets to know you. Thus, getting likes for your video helps you to get free YouTube subscribers.

free YouTube subscribers
free YouTube subscribers

How can you gain more video likes?

You can tell the people what exactly they should expect from you. Thus, one of the most common reasons how you can improve people’s time on your videos is to tell them what they can expect from you. This makes you a person who is not luring viewers through clickbait titles and thumbnails. You need to improve the watch time of the video too so that you can get them to like the video once they are done watching the whole video. 

Thus, improve your watch time. You need to improve the watch time on your videos. Just imagine if you have 1000 views on your video but only 800 of them have watched for 5 seconds of your video. 

Thus, to avoid any kind of bounced sessions, you have to make sure that the title, description, and thumbnail reflect the exact things you show in the video. Sometimes, the overall views may go down a bit, but if you can get clicks on the video, it can index you higher. 

YouTube Subscribers and likes
YouTube Subscribers and likes

This promotes a cycle where your video is shown at the top and many people will see it. It is a cycle of never ending likes and views. You can see that one is not mutually exclusive with the other and both of them have to co-exist in order for the channel to work. 


Troubleshoot your videos and find out what mistakes you are doing that are keeping the viewers at bay. You can try and spot the things that you do that makes people bounce off from your videos. Increase the CTA in your videos and ask people to like your video if they liked it. Do not be hesitant to ask about it because ultimately you need your channel to grow. 

If your opening titles are too long, people would not be interested in it. Hence, you should realize that if you make some small tweaks, then you are good to go. You need to experiment as much as possible to understand what can work for you. More number of likes on your videos helps to get free YouTube subscribers. 

Please mentioned in comment your Youtube channel and write how this article helps you to rank your channel higher and gain more likes.

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