How to get free WordPress hosting with free domain


How to get free WordPress hosting with free domain

Hello! everyone today I am going to share an amazing trick with you that how to create a free website with free WordPress hosting and free domain.
So far in past, we need to write codes for developing websites but now different platforms make everything easy for us from Website development to android app development all is just happened in applications.

We all know about WordPress, WordPress is a hosting company with fastest and reliable servers with 24/7 customer support which even no other company can defeat it. WordPress provides you thousands of free gadgets as compared to blogger which is free but limited features are available so every web-developer choice for developing a website is WordPress, but some developers want to start with zero investment because they have no money to buy hosting so that’s why they prefer to use blogger because blogger is overall lifetime free hosting platform owned by Google.

let’s move to the topic that how to get free hosting for WordPress with free domain name.

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First, we need to claim free domain remember that only available extensions are .tk, .ml or other useless extensions these extensions have less popularity as compared to .com or .org or .net etc
but overall we should need to thank Freenom that they are providing us free domain names.
The process for claiming domain name is simple go to simply search for your domain name, for example, just select and enter your billing information don’t worry they will not ask for your credit card details if you have select .tk for 1 year because it’s free just signup and wait for the Cpanel when your Cpanel is ready then move to the next step

There are many sites which are proving free hosting but we should need to take reviews before signing up for account some of them even don’t have customer support some of them are using bad servers etc. the best free hosting site is up register yourself and then create account if you want to continue with their subdomain then leave that or if u want to add custom domain then add and change nameservers to name servers.

When you successfully create your account then login to your Cpanel and then search for Softaculous Apps installer and then click on it
Install WordPress, set up your account email password enter your email and password and then install it.
Now after some time your hosting with a free domain is ready Use it and share your thoughts about this article.
If you want to watch video of this tutorial then there are many videos uploaded on YouTube regarding this topic.


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