How to Engage Ecommerce Android App Development Services?


Times are tough. It is understandable for businesses to try and save costs. One such area is deployment of ecommerce, so necessary to reach out to more customers worldwide. The best way is to have your own Android app with the help of mobile application development services. However, Android app development can be expensive. You may be tempted to do it on your own but that is not such a good idea after all, as you will find. Some things are best left to experts.

Why a mobile android app is so necessary

If you are running ecommerce operations or plan to launch it then you must have an app even before you have a website. 50% of internet traffic is from mobile devices and 62% smartphone owners use it to buy. 53% phone users buy from company-specific apps. Mobile ecommerce is expected to grow to 3.56 trillion by 2021. Now that you are convinced that an app will drive sales you will want to engage mobile app development services. That is the smart thing to do. However, you may be tempted to go the DIY route and save money.

The Android app development tools

Android application development for ecommerce makes use of various platforms like Magento for ecommerce and Java, Android SDK and Xamarin. Then you have Flutter, Jquery and Appcelerator, to name a few. Serious and professional app developers use these tools to purpose build Android apps of any type. However, there are DIY tools too to create your android ecommerce app if you are a little bit tech savvy.

The DIY android application development way

If you think templates are the way to go then there are a dozen or more free and paid ones for android applications for ecommerce. A template is a sort of pre-built application with blanks where you fill in your name, your products and define functionalities. Some templates even permit in-app coupons, package tracking and product reviews along with customization. A few ones you can try:

  • Electromerce: Based on Flutter, this android ecommerce app tool permits product description to be filled in, create login and checkout.
  • Android ecommerce: A template that allows you to create shopping app with coupon support, social share, wish list, product filters, order tracking and customization.
  • WooCommerce: A very popular free tool, it lets you set up a complete online ecommerce mobile app, list products, permit shopping and payment, search filters and reviews.

There are dozens of similar free or paid tools, or templates to be more precise, that let you set up an ecommerce android app in a jiffy.

Creation of a mobile app is easy enough with these tools. Take for instance Appypie app maker. You name your app, pick the category, add features, publish the app on app store and that’s it.

The downside is that you have to stay within limitation of the app and, unless you know how to use development tools, you cannot modify these apps.

You also need to consider that Android (and iOS) keeps evolving and what is current today becomes obsolete today. If the template provider does not come up with updates, your ecommerce app functionalities could reduce. There may be a limit on the number of products you can list.

On the other hand, when you engage Android Application Development experts for your commerce Android app you get much more, even though you do have to pay for their services.

Right tools and platform

Professional grade app development dictates the use of the right tools like Flutter, React, Java and Android SDK, depending on what you want. Magento could be ideal as a shortcut to developing powerful ecommerce apps on the Android platform. If you plan to deploy apps on the iOS platform in future then your mobile application development services company would pick a tool like Xamarin or Flutter that allow creation of hybrid apps for both platforms. In fact, you must also consider an app for iOS given that Apple users spend three times more than Android users.

Security, upgrades

Ecommerce apps require highest levels of security, something that free or paid templates may be weak in. This is another area where app developers are to be preferred to make sure data is kept absolutely secure, whether it is shopper’s personal data or credit card data.

Artficial intelligence

You need AI in ecommerce Android App? You sure do. Just take a look at Amazon. Browse a product, it will keep track. Buy something and it will recommend allied products. This is AI at work resulting in upselling and cross selling. Besides, AI also helps you to keep track of buyers and visitors and know their preferences. You can analyze data and fine tune ecommerce operations. This alone is worth the cost of engaging mobile app developers for ecommerce with AI.

There are lots more reasons to engage android application development experts but the above should be convincing enough.

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