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This is the age of technology. And technology is supposed to help people by making things and eventually, life a whole lot easier. Convenience is what it aims for, and comfort is what it delivers.

So, with modern technology, payment and its methods have also become simpler and easier, to the point where you can pay with your phone via Apple or Samsung Pay.

But there’s also Google Pay, which is getting pretty popular. Let’s understand how you can pay off your credit card bill payment through Google Pay.

Doing your credit card bill payment in Google Pay is easy enough. All you need is your credit card information, your account number and a device that uses Google Pay exclusively or has it included in its payment method.

Now, Google Pay is exclusively used by Android devices, more specifically, devices from manufacturers other than Samsung (because Samsung devices use a proprietary payment method that the manufacturer has made for itself called Samsung Pay).

Although you can use Samsung devices to access Google Pay, it isn’t recommended. Any other Android device is fine.

Credit Card Bill Payment in Google Pay

Not many banks and credit cards support this feature. Because it is a fairly new system and does not use technologies that other providers like Apple and Samsung use, it has yet to catch on with the others.

It is a fairly new system; it was introduced as Android Pay in 2015 September, way behind Apple Pay (released in 2014) and a few months behind Samsung Pay, which was released mid-2015. 

However, Android Pay did not catch on with consumers and market dynamics and research revealed that the name hadn’t caught on as most people who used Android devices were more adept at seeing Google before the products launched by Alphabet (the parent company), not Android.

Plus, a lot of Android subscribers were using devices that had outsources Android OS for their devices like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and Huawei, therefore it made sense that the company aimed for a complete revamping and overhauling of the service. Read more about CC checker here.

Early 2018 (January) saw the release of Google Pay, which ditched the Android namesake for the sake of using a much more relevant and well-known name: Google Pay.

It made sense because everything else was branded as Google and not Android; you’ve got Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google Music and Google Maps, which all came and still today, come preloaded as stock Android applications.

So, it was a late move but a right move nonetheless for Alphabet to use Google before Pay; this would also ensure that Chromebooks and other devices like Google Home would also stick to proprietary payment method as provided by the parent company.

However, the rebranding proved to be a success and Google Pay was born, which now stands at second after Apple Pay to be the most used mobile payment system. 

Google Pay is well-optimised and can be used for credit card bill payment, which is done through the stock Google Pay application. Enumerated below are the steps you can use to pay your credit card bill via Google Pay, which is a very good service. Here’s how,

  1. Install Google Pay app on your smartphone.
  2. Sign in with your Google account and set up your account.
  3. Choose the ‘New Payment Method’ option, which is displayed prominently in the user interface of the app.
  4. From there on, you will be given two options to work with: ‘QR’ payment method or ‘UPI ID’ payment.
  5. Select either one, which one you are more accustomed to use.
  6. If you select ‘UPI ID’, enter your UPI (Unified Payment Interface) credentials, which will match with your bank account.
  7. If you select QR, scan the QR code that comes on the back of your credit or debit card. (Some cards also have that QR code on the front, usually on the left side, bottom left of the face of the card.)
  8. Enter your credit card number and your PIN.
  9. Review and confirm the information and confirm with the OTP (One-Time PIN) verification system. 
  10. Enter your bill amount, bank details and press the Credit Card payment button.

Voila! You’ve made a credit card payment in Google Pay. Welcome to the world of comfort!

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