How to create verified Paypal account in Pakistan

How to create verified Paypal account in Pakistan

PayPal is currently not available in Pakistan and we all know PayPal is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. Below are steps to create verified Paypal account in Pakistan to get payments from Fiver, Upwork, google ad sense and others

PayPal to PayPal payment transfer is free, PayPal to verified bank account transfer is free moreover PayPal also provides its debit MasterCard to cash out or pay online at anywhere in the world. So PayPal is best for online business and for merchants and for online businesses because PayPal also provides payment option on your website Paypal provides donations buttons, payment buttons, Pay now with Paypal buttons, to receive payment directly to your PayPal account. Moreover, PayPal is used worldwide for payment transfers online earning is easy be PayPal, millions of people in this world are using now PayPal to receive and pay to their clients. 

But the problem to be noted is PayPal is currently not providing its services in Pakistan i don’t know more about it but many of Pakistanis had sent letters and faxes to PayPal owner for launching its services in Pakistan but PayPal didn’t respond to any of them and still PayPal is not available in Pakistan and everyone is waiting for it.

But we know that every problem has a solution so this problem has also solution, dear Pakistanis follow these all steps and create verified PayPal account in Pakistan.

First, we need Payoneer account if you don’t know about it then just Google for it. Payoneer is an online payment gateway same like PayPal but Payoneer offer its services in Pakistan moreover A free debit MasterCard for everyone and Global Payment service to receive payments from companies online from different countries.

If you don’t have Payoneer then Sign up from Payoneer official link, Join now Payoneer and get started.

Now go to Paypal official website and sign up for an account remember if you have bank account in any other country, Like you have bank account in the United Arab Emirates then sign up for UAE Paypal account but if you don’t have then simply create an account with PayPal USA, UK or Germany account please Payoneer offer you to receive money from these bank accounts so sign up for an account then if you select USA region then verify your account by number with Textnow get free USA number and verify it.

Now your PayPal account is ready just sign in and then click on verify my bank account then go to Payoneer select US global payment service option and then simply enter your account number and routing number in PayPal, PayPal will send you amount less than 1$ you will receive this amount in your Payoneer account in 1 working day simple when you receive that amount in your Payoneer enter in PayPal and now you have a verified PayPal account.

I hope this trick will work for you if not then comment below I will help you.

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