Points to Consider to Create Construction Estimate:

Before starting any construction, you need to know its budget, which includes the cost of materials, payroll plus taxes, business costs, unforeseen expenses, and also takes into account the amount of work to be done. As a result of all this, a reasonable question arises: how to create estimate?

Special organizations are engaged in the this business, which draw up an estimate from beginning to end. But it is not always convenient when creating an estimate to seek help from an estimator organization. And if you have certain experience and skills in construction, as well as a special program, then (in order to avoid unnecessary costs and loss of time) you can make an yourself. We will consider how to make an estimate ourselves further.

To draw up an estimate, as mentioned above, you need to know a number of components. It should be noted that all prices and the amount of work must be clarified in advance, otherwise there will be no way to determine the amount of upcoming costs. It is also worth considering the scale of construction, because this will affect the choice of the type of budget estimate. If the scale of the project is large and it is not possible to determine the scope of work, then in this case more detailed, local estimates, the so-called object estimates, are drawn up.

What should a professional estimator be able to do?

A professional cost estimator company should not only have a higher education, understand pricing, have extensive knowledge of economics, be able to work with specialized programs, but have a number of personal qualities:

  • Analytic mind
  • Mindfulness
  • Responsibility
  • Excellent memory
  • Ability to work with large amounts of information
  • Accuracy
  • Desire to learn and develop
  • Patience
  • Communicativeness
  • Tactfulness, especially when dealing with difficult clients

Profession engineer-estimator Services

  • The job of an assistant estimator in Moscow is to determine the cost of a particular construction. The duties of the employee include theoretical and practical assessment, pricing, holding and organizing tenders. A professional need to have skills not only in accounting, but also in the basics of construction. In each individual case, a specialist estimator is hired for a separate object, since this position is not always provided for in small construction firms.
  • Building costing is necessary regardless of what is being built. Since an it is a document containing important and detailed information about the cost of all the necessary materials, equipment and the construction object itself, the best estimator must draw up a document that will justify the investment and prove the feasibility of construction, while saving the maximum amount during construction.
  • The high pace of construction has made this profession quite popular and in demand. Therefore, even an estimate engineer without work experience will not be able to remain without work. This is also due to the fact that modern society is developing at a rapid pace and requires the construction of new and most diverse buildings. Even during repair work, an invitation from a specialist is required.

The work of an assistant estimator in New York City

Assistant of Estimator in NYC is one of the main stages during construction and installation work. Indeed, in any case, there is always an estimate part, which includes the processing of all information about the cost of construction, whether it is the cost of transportation or connecting the erected building to the city’s communications and landscaping.

Today, a computer provides tremendous help in work, so the best estimator knows that for effective work, specialized accounting programs need to be periodically improved and updated. The estimate and normative reference book make the same huge contribution to professional work. It helps to draw up detailed drawings and descriptions of each of the elements based on minimal data.

Advantages of the program:


  • the program is designed to form estimate documentation of a different nature and degree of complexity
  • work in an International company: provides for the storage of data and their correction, as well as the ability to print the estimate documentation at any time.


  • Estimated calculations are carried out according to standard or specified formulas that allow you to recalculate the estimated cost into current prices. For all operations, several methods are used: basic, compensation, basic-index, resource, resource-index and mixed;
  • for work, a flexible search is provided among the entire volume of estimate documentation and reference information;
  • between all volumes of estimate lines, the possibility of building links and any dependencies is provided:


The staff of our company employs certified estimators with vast experience, who are always aware of changes in pricing. We carry out a set of estimates of any complexity with a full package of documentation for the commercial or state budget. Our clients can be individuals (for example, to calculate the cost of home renovation) or legal entities of any form of ownership.

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