How to approve UK AdSense and get paid in Asian countries

How to approve UK AdSense and get paid in Asian countries

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

We all know about AdSense and AdSense approval process and we know that for Asian countries including Pakistan and India, it is very hard to get approved from AdSense even if u completed all terms and conditions of AdSense, sometime your application was rejected.So now the question is what we should need to do to approve our AdSense is there any other way to approve AdSense without these further policies.

Remember that your site must need to 6month old before you will submit an application and there are some more restrictions AdSense in Pakistan.

So today our topic is about the conditions that what should we need to do when our AdSense application from Asian countries will reject.

Everyone wants AdSense because it pays more than any other advertisement network and Google is trusted company that’s why where one wants Google AdSense. So if our AdSense from Asian countries would be rejected then I prefer you to sign up for UK AdSense or USA.

There are many questions in people mind how to verify number or how I got paid etc so let’s start.

Google AdSense policies of UK and USA are not strict as compared to Asian countries I don’t know the exact reason behind this but the first thing is to Sign up for AdSense on the website.

You need some well written and unique content traffic doesn’t matter your content will not be copyright follow some basic policies of AdSense link with Webmaster tools and submit URL to Google you will be approved.

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Now if you are applying from the USA, sometimes Google systems detect IP address and ask you to verify with mobile number to complete the verification process and complete sign-up process so for this you need a United States number and I recommend you to use Textnow, a company which is providing free United States numbers. Sign up for it and complete mobile verification and complete sign-up process.

Now USA based publishers need to submit tax information and its difficult to get these documents. if you got it then Good you can buy pin service from various people who are providing international pin service for $8 to $12, just verify AdSense and link with Payoneer complete payment threshold and wait for payment.

Now if you applying from the UK then you don’t need any type of documents just sign up for UK AdSense if mobile verification need then ask for someone to give you this service apply for AdSense and wait for approval, make sure your website complies with Google policies. Your pin will generate after £10 in your account buy pin service and wait for £60 in your account and link your Payoneer GBP currency bank account and receive your payment.


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