Guidelines for Customize Lab Grown Diamond Ring


Every woman wishes to create their huge day exclusive whether it is a wedding day or an engagement day. But the engagement ring additionally things much. Isn’t it? If yes, it is time to start with the Grown Diamond Ring A diamond ring is one of the most crucial parts of an engagement. Thus, it has to become emphasized with amazing aesthetics and beauty.

Grown Diamond Ring

Why not you make your own customized ring? In fact, over the years people are lucky enough to create their own design and set their desired diamond on their engagement rings. This basically gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent and express your love in an innovative way. But before you head on to a jeweler for your customized lab-grown diamond ring, here are some guidelines that you must follow.

1. Decide between Natural, Lab-Grown, or Moissanite: Your initial step would be to choose between natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. You must learn that all of these sparkling stones are not diamonds. And they are distinguishable. Well to make a flawless decision, your first approach should be to set your budget. If your budget is high and it really doesn’t matter how expensive it is in order to gift a quality diamond, then you must go for the natural diamonds. Similarly, if you are budget-friendly and simultaneously, real diamond matters a lot to you, then lab-grown diamonds will be a perfect choice. Again if you are unaffordable to buy neither of two, but still wants to gift something that resembles a diamond then the third option will serve you the best. However, in most of the cases, people end up buying the lab-grown diamonds. Mainly because these diamond stones can be obtained at varied ranges and they serve every quality of the natural diamonds.

2. Learn About the Diamonds: No matter what type of diamonds you decide to buy, the next step is to learn about them. Diamonds are graded based on their four C’s – color, carat, cut, and clarity. You must learn about all these segments individually. Lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds are featured with the same grading since the former inherits every property of the later. However, diamond simulants like Moissanite are devoid of all these. Hence, it is beneficial to learn how these three are differentiated in their own terms.

3. Choose the Right Diamond Shape and Color: Next step is to choose the perfect lab-created diamond shape and color for your engagement ring. It is easy to make a decision between natural or lab-grown diamonds or moissanite, but it is hard when it comes to selecting the stone. Whether the elongated diamonds will look good on her hand, or the round brilliant cut or the fancy step-cut diamond. Really a

tough job but you need to make a perfect selection. Perfect shape and a good choice of color make the overall design perfect and alluring.

4. Set Your Design: Design might be inspired by the collection available but should always have a unique touch in it. To get the best design engraved into your ring, it is better you take your heart out and create one. However, this step is often skipped by the buyers as they prefer to go with expert advice.

5. Take Expert Advice: Above all, to make the ring unique and best, you also have the option for personal assistance. Several jewelry stores like Diamonds Inc, are there where you may share your thoughts and concepts with the assistant. They will either help you to get the best piece from the collection or assist you to create the most unique and timeless design for your love.

Hope the above-mentioned points will now help you to create the best lab-grown diamond ring for her on your engagement. A large number of jewelers are now offering these two options that include the ready-made purchases and custom-made purchases. In the former, you get the opportunity to access the multiple ranges of collection available in the store. While in the later, you get the chance to bring out your artistic knowledge. For more information on lab grown diamonds, visit –

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