They say that love is an emotion which is impossible to pen down in words which shows the depth of this particular emotion and how difficult it is to describe it and so you can’t get away with it writing about it in simple words such as when you describe a Black Leather Jacket or a Top Gun Jacket for instance.

To write about love, you just don’t have to be a brilliant writer to be able to put that in words but you also have to actually feel this feeling to be able to bring it all on a sheet of paper with in limited words.

Essay on Love


When it comes to love, there are so many aspects that can be touched upon and each one of them can be described in great detail due to which it requires immense deal of intelligence to be able to figure out everything that you feel like putting in and the respective lengths of each aspect you wish to describe.

If you are someone writing it for the first time or are not able to achieve absolute perfection in writing about this divine and pure emotion which is undoubtedly a gift of God.

If you really wish to describe love in an essay, you definitely need to check up the following tips we have put up to help you in this regard.



To be able to write a perfect essay on love, it is extremely important for you realize that every little detail is important and you cannot just skip anything terming it as unimportant.

When describing an emotion or a feeling, you cannot sideline any single thing and this basically serves you with an excellent opportunity to showcase your writing skills and provides you a sort of platform to use a variety of vocabulary.

When it comes to describing a person, his different perspectives, every single thing should be given its due share of importance if you are actually willing to bring essence to your essay.


To excel at essay writing, it is essential for you to be able to differentiate between the topics and the way they are needed to be described. For instance, if you are writing about a scientific discovery, you are supposed to stick to basic facts and your tone must be strictly formal.

However, since an essay about love is purely emotional, you definitely need to make it sound more of emotional than informative and for that you must use a tone that reflect that.

Obviously don’t overdo it but use a certain amount of emotion in it to develop a connection between the write up and the readers so that they are able to relate with the content.



When someone says that everything is fair in love and war, they actually mean it and for people who are truly in love, it is never about what is right and what is wrong but it is always about what they think is right which means that when you are writing an essay on love, you need to keep it more opinionated and add your perspectives to it more than anything else.

Black Leather Jacket Drawing comparisons with different movies you have seen or books you have read is the best way to express your feelings and this should definitely be a main part of your essay.


all sides

A topic which is vast and can be explored hugely is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise for an essay writer as he gets an opportunity to talk about everything and various impacts of the topic. Similarly, love is a topic that can be discovered in a wide ways and the range is just beyond our imaginations and to cover them all is not humanly possible.

Therefore, it is important that you try to shed light on most of them sides of the topic and describe the number of impacts love is creating on your life and in lives of people around you, in the life of the person you love and basically the entire atmosphere around you.



Although it is more of an informal writing and not a strict letter, there still has to be a pattern that needs to be loosely followed to be able to gather the attention of a reader and impress him/her altogether.

There should definitely be an introduction, a main body and a conclusion with the three of them divided in proper paragraphs that are easily distinguishable. The structure makes your essay attractive and worth giving a read!



Last but surely not the least comes the proofreading which is a very crucial part of essay writing. None of us are perfect and so it is important that you get your essay proofread by someone who is better in this field than you so that any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or structural issues occurring can be immediately dealt with and the essence of essay is thoroughly maintained.

To speak about love is easier than writing about it and so if you wish to write a full fledge essay on love, it is really essential that you are able to send your message across without making it boring. The above mentioned tips if kept in mind will surely help you be excellent at it!

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