Google My Business: Tips to Improve Local SEO with Its Assistance

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Each business owner with their respective websites wants to receive a large amount of attention from the people in the search engine results. When the world seems standstill due to the deadly crisis of Coronavirus you must keep your customers updated with your business. It can be done so by updating your business profile in Google.

Heaps of tactics are there for ranking in the local business with the help of SEO, but most of them are combined efforts. One such amazing element is Google My Business- the Google’s dashboard to manage listings. But is it truly important for the local SEO?

How it can be used in improving the SEO and rank of the website? Read on this blog to find the answers to these questions.  

What do you mean by Google My Business?

My Business is the one-stop shop of Google allowing the business owners to manage their respective business on the basis of the performance and look in search engine. This imperative tool lets you consider the appearance of site and make necessary adjustments in Google+, Graph, Knowledge and Maps and organic SERs. Google My Business is acknowledged as the leading local SEO driver followed by quality back links to succeed. 

The business listing can be managed by including quality images, opening hours and NAP details. Special options for business management are there too at this tough time of COVID-19 outbreak. Reviews can be managed too by you along with a couple of other new features as well. It is important because reviews act as the pivotal factor behind the success of the efforts of local SEO. 

Ways it performs

Of course, My Business is easy to start; all you have to do is to claim the business after opening an account. After-that you will receive a real postcard sent by Google on the mentioned address. It is a proof that your business is successfully listed on the address and you are recognized as its owner.

Sometimes verification is also done on email or over the phone. A specific page is created by Google for checking the verification status. 

Then, necessary fields can be filled for detecting the functional ability of the listing. A detailed insight can be obtained too for checking the number of subscribers, clicks and impressions periodically. It is an outstanding way for understanding the perception of your business by Google and visitors.

Google My Business is not an impressive tool for garnering people’s attention for the local SEO. It performs according to the off-site and on-site SEO efforts for your site. You can’t lead the chart with improper profile with infactual information. Moreover, localized content and well-optimized website is essential for heading over others. Remembers these elements always go hand-in-hand! 

What are its prominent ranking factors?

Certain factors are used by Google My Business for the determination of business ranking. Some highlighted options are mentioned below:

  • Relevance
  • Proximity
  • Prominence

  • Relevance

It refers to the well fitting property of the business into the customers’ search intent. Vagueness can’t improve the rank of the website. So, you must put focus on what should be your prime necessity- fulfilling the demands of the customers or offering your business services.

If you are in confusion then, agencies of local SEO in Las Vegas can be your ideal assistance to make the correct decision and that too on time. Their prime motto is to let you adhere to your business goal and achieve it as early as possible.   

  • Proximity

To rank in the local business, proximity is always an inevitable aspect. For suppose living in New Jersey one can’t look for any businesses in Manhattan! Although the accurate method used by Google for determining the local businesses in a specific area is still misty yet it can’t rank the specific business of an area for another region.

Other significant aspects are also there playing an immense role behind it! Local business is not only by being physically located in a particular area but also about the creation of local-centric content for the site. It is assumed that Google makes use of the information of the searcher’s location to offer with the most relevant result as per the search query.   

  • Prominence

The activity surrounds the business listing is often referred to as the prominence. Typically, it is determined in the form of the number or amount of local content, events, received reviews and much more. In case some amount of quality backlinks can be obtained to the site it would be highly beneficial for your site.

Although prominence can’t be pinpointed yet deal profiles are not included in it for sure. Reviews should be regularly managed with the updated of new images frequently. As it mainly performs in a tandem manner, proper align is necessary within publishing of local content to that of the Google My Business listings.     

Optimization of Google My Business Listing

At first, the listing must be claimed as your own. Then, the following tips can be used for the grand success of the My Business account. Remember, the information should be put in clear and concise manner. Any infactual information in the listing can severely affect both the rank and listing.

  • Original business name should be used for claiming the listing
  • The selected category must be accurate
  • If possible put lots of data to make the profile 100% 
  • Phone number should be verified
  • Opening hours must be accurate and checked (by considering holidays)
  • Photos should be reviewed (maintain good quality and accuracy)
  • If possible make citations for other sites at the same time (take help from recommended directories, review or business listing sites- avoid spammers)
  • Make use of data for the in lining of the Google My Business Listing
  • Always stay up-to-date

Remember, it is not the pre-set fact, rather a changing fact based on the marketing conditions and outside environment. Things have to be reviewed daily and accordingly perform to stay ahead of all actively. Sometimes, it becomes not fruitful instantly so instead of frustrating put the things into place on time and it can result you in a positive manner. 

Management of Google My Business Listing on COVID-19

Most business have been closed or shut down temporarily due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. But in this whole day of spare time you can utilize it in other ways for the beneficial of your business. It is by managing the Google My Business in the most appropriate manner.

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When things are getting better at slow pace day-by-day you must put the latest information about your business on the listing. It includes delay in shipment, changes in the opening hours and other necessary updates. Google posts can be used for notifying the customers regarding updates.

Businesses can be marked as temporarily closed if it is being in the containment zone. Regular management of the Google My Business will update the business profile along with Google Maps automatically. You can also look for other COVID-19 business management updates for more info.

Local SEO plugin and structured data

Over days, Google totally becomes depended on the structured data to check the relevancy of the used elements according to the main motto of the site. My Businesses make use of the true to the fact information given by you for your respective site.

It includes NAP details, product or service information, reviews and opening hours. Of course, there will be data for the proper structure of the data. It can be done properly done by taking help from certain local SEO plugin tools. By this way Google can easily determine your listing’s validity.

Hence, it is recommended to maintain the account of My Business after its activation. However, if you want to get good rank and out of the listing then the site should be organized as well. Optimization is essential for its every part. By creating quality content in the basis of the specific business location and keyword quality local backlinks can be obtained for the development of potential link profile.

You can request your customers for reviewing the business either on My Business or onsite. Rather making inaccurate and improper profiles ensure that the listings are quite active and true to the fact. Induji Tech is a reliable SEO agency which can help you for optimizing your business within a shorter time span.        

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