Explore the Beauty of Riyadh with Saudi Airlines Online Booking

Let’s get ready to travel to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, via Saudi airlines online booking; its friendly budget helps to see the beauty of this city. This sprawling city is considered the financial hub in the country center on a desert plateau. Indeed, this city hosts more than 100 foreign embassies, although it receives almost over 15 million tourists each year; that’s why it is ranked up 2nd most visited city in the Arab world and Saudi Airlines Online Booking.

Saudi Airlines Online Booking
Saudi Arabian city view with the ‘Kingdom Tower’, background, and ‘Al-Faislia Tower’ in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

Riyadh means it is the place of Trees and gardens that are dominated by a Muslim majority. The home to over six million people has recently become a modern testament of Saudi Arabia’s cultural and economic influence that belongs to the historical regions of Najd and Al-Yamama. It same, as it was in its origins, an oasis filled with hidden natural beauty.

Before moving towards this vibrant tourist destination’s beauty, you must know about the best time to travel, the best place for accommodation, etc.

Best Time to arrival at Riyadh

When you go to visit the Arab capital, then the weather is the most important. If the weather isn’t pleasant or comfortable, you never can complete your travel itinerary. The summer duration is a little bit harsh regarding strolling at the streets of Saudi Airlines Online Booking, while the Time after August will be pleasant and best to land at the Riyadh International airport.

How to get around?

Unfortunately, Riyadh has no public transport that provides the services to enter the city, but the cheap minibus system shares its services. Therefore, due to the limited public minibusses, you hire a taxi or the car to get around in the city. The official taxi color is white, and it charges very reasonable fare to you. The charges will vary upon your route.

Where to stay at Riyadh? 

Riyadh city has a wide range of accommodations for travelers, tourists, or guests. You will find there a luxurious, budget-friendly and mid-range staying place easily. But there you will collect the most famous hotels in Riyadh that you can reserve for your stay to explore this city freely and comfortably.

  • Al Faisaliah
  • Comfort Inn Riyadh
  • Vivienda Hotel Villas
  • Burj Rafal Hotel
  • Al Khozama Hotel

Bite local dishes at Riyadh: 

It would help if you had some of Riyadh culture’s local dishes because it might be possible sometimes you did not want to eat the hotel’s decided menu. Or, you can go outside and taste the famous dishes. In fact, during the exploring you want to be eating, if you know about them.

  • Kabsa
  • Mandi
  • Kunafeh
  • Yughmish
  • Mantu

“So, now time to scroll down and explore Riyadh’s beauty with fly Saudi Kingdom official airline and Saudi Airlines Online Booking.

Visit Al Masmak Fort:

Al Masmak Fort is located in downtown Riyadh. It’s made with the clay and mud bricks that plays a vital role in country history and tourism. This old castle now turns into the museum, but it will still make you re-live the old Time in this era. There is no entrance fee, but the men and families visiting schedule at a different time to watch the antique guns, costumes, old photos, and reflection of an ancient civilization.

Night view from the sky bridge: 

Are you crazy about the adventure? If yes, then you can view the Riyadh city in the night from the tallest skyscraper. This sky bridge is standing on the 99th floor of the Kingdom Tower that is 56 meters high. On this high level, it allows visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Don’t get panic because you will never be suffering from vertigo and faint-hearted. Its two lifts take you to the top, whether you will come there on day or night to enjoy this city’s spectacular view.

Even Seasons Hotel Riyadh is also located at the Kingdom Center, and on the 1st floor, you can shop from the shopping Mall and dine in the restaurants.

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See Historical Diriyah:

Diriyah is located at the northwestern of Riyadh. Once, it was the Saudi Royal Family’s home, but now it is on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage site. However, it becomes the most tourist destination. This old home made of mud, included the number of parks and upgraded bathhouse, while its unusual sight was to behold glorious past. Anyone who lands in the Riyadh city must visit this ancient ruin to know about the old Diriyah and its surroundings.

Go to national Zoo:

The Majority vacations plan with the family, and you must explore the attraction that allures the children. Therefore, national zoo Riyadh is also included in the list of the beauty of Riyadh city. Animal wild also entertained the younger, along with the children. It stretched across a beautiful landscape of 55 acres, including the Elephants, Monkeys, Bengal Tigers, and 40 species of reptiles, birds, and amphibians. There is also a play area for children where you can eat lunch.

Spend pleasant Time at Wadi Hanifa:

Wadi Hanifa is spanned over the 80km length and is considered one of the largest parks in Saudi Arabia. The continuous flow of water makes Wadi Hanifa is beautiful tourist sites in the region. The valley includes many beautiful landscapes, plants, and trees. You might want to end your evening watching the sun go down over the layers of red rock.

While families like to spend a day there and children play football and mesmerize themself on the lap of the valley because there are also the eateries and other activities’ facilities. Please don’t skip it, try to go there in the starting days of your tour.

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