Broken & Cracked Skin Causes And Symptoms

Cracked Skin Or Broken Skin Overview

Broken skin can happen when your skin boundary is undermined. Generally, it’s a manifestation of dry and disturbed skin, yet there are numerous potential causes. 

Your feet, hands, & lips might be particularly inclined to breaking. Nonetheless, contingent upon the reason, broken skin can create in different territories, as well. 

Most reasons for skin breaking can be dealt with home cures. In any case, if your broken skin is extreme, or in the event that you have any inconveniences, it’s ideal to see a specialist. 

How about we take a gander at the different reasons for broke skin, alongside approaches to discover alleviation. 

What causes cracked/broken skin? 

Contingent upon the reason, broken skin might be joined by an assortment of different side effects. Focusing on these side effects may help pinpoint the reason. 

Dry skin 

Dry Skin - Broken & Cracked Skin
Dry Skin – Broken & Cracked Skin

Dry skin, or xerosis, is the most widely recognized reason for broken skin. 

In smooth and hydrated skin, normal oils shield the skin from drying out by holding soddenness. Yet, on the off chance that your skin needs more oil, it loses dampness. This makes your skin dry out and withdraw, which can incite breaking. 

Dry skin might be brought about by: 

  • Chilly climate. In the colder time of year, low moistness and temperature can dry out your skin. Indoor warming additionally diminishes the moistness in your home. 
  • Synthetic aggravations. Numerous items like dish cleanser and clothing cleanser can contain brutal synthetics. These substances can hurt your skin’s limit and cause dryness. 
  • Boiling water. The boiling water from showers or washing dishes can decrease your skin’s dampness. 
  • Prescription. Dryness might be a symptom of certain medications, as skin retinoids. 
  • Overabundance dampness. At the point when your skin is continually presented to dampness, it can really make your skin become aggravated and dry out. This can happen to your feet in the wake of wearing perspiration splashed socks for a truly prolonged stretch of time. This is in light of the fact that water is an exacerbation to the skin.  


Dermatitis is a skin condition that causes redness & tingling. It’s otherwise called atopic dermatitis. It can happen anyplace on the body, yet it regularly influences the face, hands, and internal arm folds, and behind the knees. 

The condition causes the skin to show up exceptionally dry, which can prompt breaking. Different side effects of dermatitis include: 

  • stripping 
  • chipping 
  • rankles 
  • extraordinary tingling 
  • harsh, layered patches 


Psoriasis is an issue of resistant brokenness that makes skin cells become excessively quick. As the additional cells develop, the skin turns out to be layered. Irritation additionally has a major impact. 

The fast collection of cells can prompt dryness and breaking, alongside: 

  • red patches 
  • shimmering white scales 
  • tingling, at times 

These manifestations can grow anyplace, yet they regularly show up on them: 

  • scalp 
  • elbows 
  • knees 
  • lower back 

Diabetic Neuropathy 

Broken heels are a typical inconvenience of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The condition can prompt diabetic neuropathy or nerve harm because of diabetes. 

In diabetic neuropathy, your nerves can’t suitably control the skin’s moistness. This can prompt dryness and breaking, particularly on the feet. 

Different indications of diabetic neuropathy include: 

  • deadness in feet or hands 
  • torment in feet, legs, or hands 
  • foot calluses 
  • lower leg shortcoming 

Individuals with diabetes are inclined to skin contaminations. By and large, dryness on the feet can be a consequence of the competitor’s foot or athlete’s foot. 

Competitor’s Foot 

Competitor’s foot – Broken & Cracked Skin

Another reason for broken feet is the competitor’s foot. This is skin contamination brought about by a parasite. 

The contamination, which ordinarily creates between the toes or on the lower part of the feet, can cause broken skin. Different indications include: 

  • redness 
  • chipping 
  • growing 
  • tingling 

The competitor’s foot regularly influences individuals who have continually sodden feet, for example, swimmers and sprinters. It’s likewise regular in individuals with diabetes. 

Dried Lips 

Dried lips - Broken & Cracked Skin
Dried lips – Broken & Cracked Skin

At the point when your lips become dry or disturbed, they can break, chip, and now and again, got swollen, bothersome, or sore. 

Irritation or dryness on the lips can happen for a few reasons. The absolute most basic purposes behind broke lips include: 

  • regular lip licking 
  • chilly climate 
  • introduction to the breeze 
  • an unfavorably susceptible response to a lip emollient or other item 

Keratolysis Exfoliativa 

Keratolysis exfoliativa causes stripping on all fours. It ordinarily influences the palms, yet it can appear on the bottoms of your feet, as well. 

The skin loses its regular obstruction as the top layer strips off. This can prompt dryness and breaking. 

Different side effects include: 

  • air-filled rankles 
  • redness

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