Collaborative Approaches in a Competitive World


Disruption, innovation, and change are not only happening on the global scene – they are here on the operational front too – in businesses and markets as well. Competition is out, collaboration is in. Building synergies for mutual benefit is in, instead of profit-driving predatory practices. Welcome to the Brave New World.

Training, education, and conditioning have served to entrench the competitive spirit in everyone, everywhere in the Competitive World. Most importantly, in business and in the market. Every entrepreneur and organization will admit to studying the competition very closely, and then trying to outguess & outperform them. Indeed, the nature of the markets is predatory – but a brave new breed of individuals and organizations, are diverting their resources in another direction altogether – and growing.

They are collaborating instead of just competing. These organizations are seeking synergies and building relationships that run on the principle of mutual benefit – with minimal effort blending effective utilization of trademark registration. Not only does this initiative develop deeper inroads with target segments and the market, but it also serves for a less strenuous effort. Because the energies here are directed towards building and creating; not on out-performing and defeating. Coming together for a common motive while driving personal agendas – has helped partnering businesses evolve a new revenue stream, low-cost customer acquisition, and enhanced visibility. These relationships end up benefiting the customer the most – an unlooked-for benefit and thus the partnering business gets to scale. 

Strengthen Old Alliances:

If you are going to seek old alliances, why not start with tapping old connections from your yesterdays? Get back in touch, Reach out to them and see how you infuse new vibrant energy into an expanded network. For example, there may be ex-colleagues or college-mates who are in the same field as you are – tapping hem may prove very beneficial for getting leads, making introductions, etc…In the near future they would be in decision-making positions and that is when all that you have invested in maintaining the relationship will come to the fore and yield results. Time-tested, proven relationship networks are worth their weight in gold and more! The whole world works on the old-boy network. It has been proven time and again, globally. It is a given – goes without saying that people with an earlier connection to you will be more than inclined, much more likely – to revive their relationship with you. Especially so if you are both in the same industry – there’s a chance that you could help each other in the near future.

Reinforce Invest in Existing Alliances:  

IN all likelihood, there already is an existing set of alliances and friendships you have nurtured – these need to reinforced, invested in so that they become stronger. If you work hard at maintaining these relationships, remember – it is like nurturing a lead. How does it matter in the Competitive World at what stage or form it is? If its an old business associate, send in an email to say Hi. If an ex-client, send them their favourite flowers or call to wish Happy Birthday. Most importantly, it shows that you are just reaching out – without an ulterior motive or a scripted agenda. Once you show you care about the relationship, things will start moving. Be genuine, communicate well, resolve any issues from the past – and you are well on your way. People are more likely to take you seriously when they know you are genuine and mean well. And as time passes, you can do them favours and ask for help when required – it goes both ways and is always a 2-way street. These are basic ground-rules for sustaining relationships and should be scrupulously followed. Reinforcing existing relationships yields dividends in the future and strengthening them benefits your network.

Create New Relationships

Your network is your net-worth! An old adage, proven 1000s of times – especially today, networking professionally can be of great help in building relationships. People seriously invest time to build new connections, taking them further into meaningful relationships that begin once you register partnership firm online. It is a proven fact that the more you develop new relationships, the more opportunities will result from it. After the 1st few meetings, it is very possible that the person could connect you to someone who could help you in some way, or help your business. Proper, planned networking can help build alliances and networks which can help you in your collaboration approach in the future.

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