Which Mattress Should You Buy If You Are Having Backache?


Backache or spinal pain is a very serious issue and can deprive you of a sound sleep and buy mattress online. Having adequate hours of quality sleep every night is essential for the healthy working of your brain as well as your body. So, when you are experiencing backache, finding the perfect mattress for yourself is both important as well as tricky. Because an incompatible mattress can greatly enhance the pain which you are already going through.

So, when you are tired of this backache and want to get rid of it as soon as possible, find the perfect mattress for you. While selecting a mattress from the bedroom furniture store to fight this backache, make sure you have the following points in mind:

The Type of Mattress

First of all, always prefer the mattress that conforms to your figure when you buy mattress online, in order to maximize the support, it provides to your spine and the neck, hips, and shoulders are in perfect alignment. Wrong mattresses do not conform according to your body and therefore are unable to provide the comfort and support you require.

The Type of Your Body

The correct mattress will be as per your body weight. Better select the mattress with adequate firmness according to your body weight so that you neither get sunk in or the mattress is too hard. As a rule of thumb, the greater your weight the firmer your mattress should be and vice versa. 


Too Firm Mattresses

Mattresses which are too firm do not provide the support needed by your vertebrae to be in its natural shape. Therefore, you might experience muscle strains because of high pressure on the hips and shoulders which can make you change your sleeping positions again and again in order to get comfortable. This will disturb you and your sleeping partner as well. 

Too Soft Mattresses

Too Soft Mattressess - Buy Mattresses Online
Too Soft Mattressess – Buy Mattresses Online

Softer mattresses are very comfortable, you may feel like sleeping in clouds. But the problem is soft mattresses do not provide any support to your spine. You get sunk in the soft mattresses and your spine is not aligned as it should naturally, causing backache. And when you are already facing backache, soft mattress would be the last option you would want to consider. 

Orthopedic Mattresses

Orthopedic Mattresses - buy mattress online
Orthopedic Mattresses – buy mattress online

Orthopedic mattresses are great for people with backache. These are designed for the support of your back. The upper layer is softer while the lower layers are firmer, providing a blend of support and comfort. However, orthopedic mattresses are not perfect. The mattress does not allow airflow and hence can become very hot. 

Smart grid mattresses

Smart grid mattresses conform according to the shape of your body as well as your weight. It provides the highest level of support to your spine and the comfort your body requires. The grid structure absorbs the body heat due to the airflow in the grid structure underneath. The smart grid buy mattress online mattresses are intelligent and provide the best support and comfort so that you sleep well.

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